Preschool October 5

It’s a Great Pumpkin, PRESCHOOL! The students really enjoyed dissecting a pumpkin and learning about it’s skin, seeds, ribs, pulp, and stem. Of course, they LOVED painting their very own pumpkin.

P is for penguin.
P is for pizza.
P is for panda.
P is for pumpkin.

P is for PLAY Dough! Each student has their own playdough jar for sensory and fine motor letter forming “play”. We will also make use of sensory salt trays and sand bags as we build hand muscles.

Letter motion: Students pretend to be holding a birthday candle and p, p, p puff out the candle.


We discussed an important lesson about Jacob in Jericho and being kind to our neighbor.
We “attended” virtually one mass. We will do this every week.

The students were very happy excited to say “Happy Birthday to Mrs. Van Wyck” this week and hear about my plans to spend time with my family on my birthday :).  

Picture Day was a success.  The students were dressed so nicely.  Thank you parents!

Next week is all about the letter Nn (night, noodle, nine, net, nest). On Friday, we will take an in-depth look at nests and build our own nest. We will explore saying your sorry “even if it is an accident” and the power of forgiveness.


No school October 12th.

As always–Students can bring small toys/blankies/small pillows.

Please have children refrain from climbing trees or playing on St. Cletus church property.

Have a great week! Mrs Van Wyck