Preschool September 11, 2020

We are off to a great start in preschool this year. Last week we focused on the letter Aa. We continue to work on letter sounds and tracing.

Letter motion: “Aa Aa ants on my arm”

A is for apple.

A is for angel.

A is for apron.

A is for alligator.

A is for animals.

A is for our classroom friend Alexander!

Enrichment: We dissected an apple and identified the skin, seeds, and stem. We dressed up in woodland animal crowns and pretended to be a bat, fox, owl, or raccoon roaming the woods.


We took an outside tour of St Cletus. We prayed at the statue of Jesus holding his arms out to all those who have lost their lives to Covid-19. We talked about St. Francis and his love of animals. We thanked Mother Mary for keeping us safe.

Next week is all about the letter T (tigers, tacos…and more). Friday enrichment will be all about trains! Choo Choo! We cannot wait!

We will continue to talk about being good friends and celebrating our differences.


Please do not forget –students can bring in a small toy/toys for indoor recess and a blanket for rest time.