Preschool September 24

“Don’t worry about a thing” in preschool when it is I for island! The students loved making island shirts and iguanas, watching island flowers and birds, and doing the limbo! A few very cute insects even crawled up on our capital and lower case I papers.

I is for ice cream.
I is for iguana.
I is for insect.
I is for island.

Letter motion: Students pretend to be a mouse by wiggling fingers on end of your nose and squeak i, i, i.


We discussed an important lessons about being KIND.
We “attended” virtually one mass. We will do this every week.

Next week is all about the letter Pp (pig, popcorn, penguin, peacock and PUMPKIN). Friday enrichment we will dissect a pumpkin and decorate our own pumpkin.


Please do not forget –students can bring in a small toy/toys for indoor recess AND a blanket/stuffy/small pillow for rest time.

Please remind your son or daughter to refrain from climbing on the tree or rock near the church at arrival or dismissal.

Thank you! Mrs. Van Wyck