Science Newsletter 4/29/2019-5/2/2019

Welcome to another week of science!!

Dates To Know:

  • 4/29 Hot Lunch Meatball Sub
  • 4/30 Dress Down $1 Green for Misericodia
  • 4/30 Band Solo Contest 5p
  • 5/1 Hot Lunch Chicken Tenders
  • 5/3 Pre-School Art School 10a Morrissey Hall

6th Grade:

  1. We will begin work on a formmative assessment project that will allow me to gauge how far we are in our understanding of how gravity works within the universe to hold planets within solar systems. A variety of choices will be given to studies with creation of a flipbook or creation of an interview as options to showcase their knowledge.
  2. We will then present those projects to our classmates to develop our public speaking abilities.
  3. We will play a review game before our QUIZ on FRIDAY on Unit 2, Lessons 1 and 2.

7th & 8th Grade:

  1. Both 7th and 8th grade will complete two dissections this week. The first dissection will be that of an earthworm to better familiarize students with both the tools and methods of dissections before begin a more complicated dissection.
  2. Next, starting Wednesday, students will begin work on a frog dissection and pick out a specific organ system to further study through dissection. The options will be: the mouth cavity and pharynx, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system.

In peace,

Ms. Berk