Second-2-None: Week of 10/28/19

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Reconciliation is one week away. We’ve spent all of Religion the last several weeks preparing for it, and we are ready. Please continue to practice the Act of Contrition (so many know it already … yay!) and the Ten Commandments. Barb Campbell sent out information regarding the Sacrament this past week. Please refer to it for all information. If for any reason your child will not be present, please let Mrs. Campbell and me know.

We’ve read and continue to break down the story “A Chair for My Mother.” It’s a sweet story of a family who work together toward something special. We’ve studied the characters, looked at sequencing and listed the cause and effect of different situations. In Phonics, we continue long vowel sounds. Within our Shurley English grammar program, we have added the skill check and declarative sentence part of the classifying. With this program, the work and study for tests is done in class, as it follows a very specific question/answer flow. There is much repletion to help the class remember, and so it is very important to really pay attention in class to learn how to do it.

We’ve finished Chapter 3 of Math on basic addition and subtraction. Within Chapter 4, we look at adding 2-digit numbers. Please refer to the Model and Draw of each lesson if you are uncertain to the steps used when breaking apart to make a 10, as this skill does take practice. Don’t forget, there is also a YouTube video for each lesson. Copy and paste into the address bar and find Grade 2 Lesson 4.1 to watch the break down.

We’ve looked at the various animal groups in Science and will continue to look at the characteristics of each. There will be an animal research project. Most of the work will be done in school.