Terrific Third Grade April-5-2019

Students worked hard on their Aspire tests this week!











Religion: We will  review chapter 10 “The Church Prays,”  and then students will  take the chapter test on Wednesday,  April 10th.   We will also be attending the 8am morning Mass on Wednesday, April 10th and Stations of the Cross on Thursday.  Please join us if you are able to attend. The April prayer will be said on April 30th.

FMSC Service Field Trip: Please return the permission form  for our May 2nd trip if you have not already done so.

Spelling: Unit 28 ‘s rule is to double the last consonant of a short vowel word  before adding ed or ing. Word to study: stopped, digging, rubbed planned dropped, hopped, tripped, spotted, digging, sitting, wrapping, sledding, scrubbing, putting, swimming, and running. During the lessons we will work with understanding  blends and digraphs, special ending sounds,  categorization, context clues,and  proofreading. The unit 28 test will be on Friday, April 12th. 

Our Biography Presentation is this  Thursday, April 11th. Room 112 will present at 8:15 am and room 111 will present their reports at 9:15 am.  Parents, grandparents,and  younger siblings are invited to attend.  We will be presenting upstairs in room 201.   This week students should be finishing the poster and the 10 questions.  They should also have something simple they can  “Dress-Up” as their character for their report. Props are welcomed.

Reading: In class we will  begin the next module of study where we focus on the skills of  main idea and supporting details,  literal and non-literal meanings, and the use of photographs and captions. We will be reading “City Homes.”

Writing: Students will be writing stories about  Easter.

Poetry: The April poems went home this week. Students need to select one to be recited on April 30th. 

Grammar:  Students will resume doing nightly homework in their Simple Solutions Grammar book.  We will be practicing  using helping and main verbs,  prepositions,  plural possessives, root words, context clues, prefixes, quotations, plurals, abstract nouns, non-literal expressions ( idioms), using a conjunction to make a compound  sentence, selecting the correct adjective form using more or most, and the VCCV pattern.  The quiz will be on Friday, April 12th. 

Math:  Students will be using unit fractions to find part of a group and the whole group. We will also review the fraction concepts presented. The chapter 8 test will be on Friday, April 12th. The weekly Simple Solutions Quiz will be on Thursday, April 11th.

Science:  A study guide went home on Friday to help students prepare for the unit 3 test. We will be reviewing unit 3 about life cycles, and adaptions of plants and animals in class. The unit test will be on Thursday, April 11th.   Tuesday  will be an exciting day in our unit about incubation and embryology.  We will be setting our eggs  in the incubator! We are getting the eggs from two different sources… 1) the University of Illinois Extension program and  2)  a horse farm in Lemont that also raises some chickens. After 21 days of incubation  we should be observing our baby chicks hatching.

Social Studies: Students are learning about the different regions of our country and what makes them special.

SANITIZER/ BABY WIPES/  We are out of baby wipes.   We like to clean hands after recess /before lunch so wipes or  hand sanitizer is important.  If you could spare a package of baby wipes,  liquid/ gel hand sanitizer  we’d really appreciate it!  Thank you to the couple of families that sent in a box of tissues when we ran out.

  • Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Specials Next Week:

Mon. A…..111  Spanish & Gym                    112 Gym & Science Lab

Tues.. B…..111 Gym & Science Lab              112 Library & TLC

Wed.. C…..111 Art & Spanish                        112 Spanish & Gym

Thurs. D…..111   Science Lab                        112 Art & Spanish

Fri. E…..111  Music & TLC                            112  Science Lab

  • Monday, April 9th D4D Cafe Salsa
  • Wednesday, April 10th  8 am Mass     9:30 Washing of the Feet Prayer Service
  • Thursday, April 11th Biography presentations 8:15 112/ 9:15  111
  • Thursday, April 11th – Stations of the Cross at 2:30 pm
  • Thursday, April 11th D4D  Cafe Salsa
  • April 15- 24th A Blessed and wonderful Easter vacation for everyone!
  • Thursday, April 25 School resumes