Terrific Third Grade 3-22-2019

Photos are from our wonderful day at the Children’s Farm.  We learned so much!















Third Grade led the Stations of the Cross this past Thursday.  These were our readers.









Phonics:  Students have reviewed  prefixes, suffixes, base words, and rules for dividing  words into syllables. The Unit 6 test has been postponed until Tuesday, March 26th.

Spelling: Spelling unit #27 consists of  words that have the pattern of drop the final e and then add -ing. The words in this lesson include:  coming, skating, taking, giving, choosing, smiling, baking, sliding, changing, waving, leaving, making, hoping, trading, and having.  In class students will sort and analyze words,  solve analogies, use context clues, categorize words, add endings, and proofread a character description.  The Unit 27 tests will be on Friday, March 29th. 

Reading:  Students should be reading their Biography book for our “Dress-Up” Book Report  Presentation, which will be on the morning of Thursday, April 11th. Room 112 will present at 8:15 am and room 111 will present their reports at 9:15 am.  Details about the biography book report went home on 3/13/19 and the biography “poster” was given to students on Friday, 3/22/19.  The poster can be done in “chunks” as students read their books. Further research can be done on the selected person to help students prepare for their report.    In class we are working with  the skills of main idea, details, summaries, and point of view.

Grammar:  Students continue to practice various grammar skills every day. The  next grammar quiz will be on Friday, March 29th. Skills tested will include; identifying the VCCV pattern,adding comma and quote marks,finding the verb,using a root word to figure out the meaning of a word,forming plurals, adding suffixes, identifying concrete and abstract nouns,using the prefix re-and the suffixes -er and -est.

Math:  Students will continue to learn about fractions in unit 8. The weekly Simple Solutions Quiz will be on Friday, March 29th.

Science: On Tuesday, March 26th we will  have the Agriculture Field Trip test.   Students should also be completing Children’s Farm Flip Book which must be turned in by Wednesday, March 27th.  Thank you to the many parents who came with us as chaperones.  We could not go on these great trips without your support.

KLEENEX TISSUE: We are totally out of tissue due to the many colds we have experienced in our rooms.  If you could spare a box we’d really appreciate it! 

  • Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Specials Next Week:

Mon. C…..111 Art & Spanish                        112 Spanish & Gym

Tues. D…..111   Science Lab                          112 Art & Spanish

Wed. E…..111  Music & TLC                          112  Science Lab

Thurs. F…..111  TLC & Library                      112 Music & TLC

Fri. A….111  Gym & Spanish                          112  Gym & Science Lab


  • 2019 Spring Auction – March 30 (Auction Proceeds Help our School’s Operating Budget)
  • Aspire testing April 1- 5