Learning Teamwork

St. Cletus is part of the Suburban Parochial League. Our interscholastic sports program enables students to compete against students from area Catholic schools.

What Makes St. Cletus Sports Different?

All Are Invited to Participate 

For decades we have had a strict no-cut policy because participation in athletics has benefits for students of all skill levels including building friendships, learning team and leadership skills, and simply having fun. 

No “Pay to Play” Fee Structure

While most schools require a fee to play each sport, St. Cletus prides itself on the fact that it is not a “pay to play” school. All of our children are invited and encouraged to play sports regardless of skill level without paying an additional fee for each sport.

Sports offered

7th-8th Girls Fall
5th-8th Boys Fall/Winter
5th-6th Girls Winter

Cross Country- Fall

Flag Football- Fall

Track and Field Spring

5th-6th Girls Fall
7th-8th Girls Fall/Winter
5th-8th Boys Spring


Practice and Game Calendars

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St. Cletus parents and alumni coach our athletes. Through these role models, students learn the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community. Coaching also provides the opportunity for parents to be more involved in their children’s activities.