5th Grade


Our focus on academic, religious education and spiritual development balanced with extracurricular activities, support our mission to develop well-rounded students.

Increased focus on organization and student responsibility allows for more collaborative group work while differentiating the learning.  Switching classes for two subjects promotes these skills to  encourage personal growth among our students.

5th graders are inventors!  With our winter invention fair, students use their STEM skills to create inventions with a cross curricular process.  The planning starts with research and writing before the buying and inventing begins!

Extracurricular activities, for the first time at school, provide our students with the ability to participate in sports while still managing an academic work load.

RELIGION ( Sadlier)                                                                                                                                                                                   Taught by: Mrs. Gridelli and Ms. Fleckenstein

This year the children will be studying the Sacraments of the Church and how they are based on Scripture.  The students will also be working on applying the Scripture messages and prayer to daily living.  Sunday readings are prepared weekly and special emphasis is given to the Advent and Lenten seasons. Second Step, a violence prevention curriculum, will supplement our religion text twice a week.


SOCIAL STUDIES (Scott Foresman)                                                                                                                                                  Taught by:  Mrs. Gridelli and Ms. Fleckenstein

We’ll be starting off the year with our Money Savvy Kids program which provides a basic understanding of economics. This will aid the launch of our Classroom Economy which will be used as a learning opportunity and behavior program from August to December.  American History is the topic of study this year.  The fifth graders will explore how our nation developed with emphasis on the first explorers, colonial period, and American Revolution.  Students will be working on several research and Internet based projects. Geography is stressed within our studies.  Humanities, citizenship, and economics are integrated into their studies.  


LANGUAGE ARTS (Zaner-Bloser: Spelling Connections, Shurley English,),

READING (Pearson: Ready GEN and novels):                                                                                                                                Taught by:  Mrs. Gridelli

Language Arts is a block of ninety minutes per class.  The reading block will be taught using the Daily Five as the model.  Students will increase reading stamina and comprehension reading several novels to increase vocabulary, comprehension and have exposure to award-winning authors.  Students will focus on narrative, persuasive, and informative writing.  Grammar, phonics, spelling, and writing will be incorporated into the 90 minute block.  Extra emphasis is given to grammar using Shurley English.


MATH (Houghton Mifflin-Go Math):                                                                                                                                                          Taught by: Ms. Fleckenstein

Students will develop fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions as well as multiplication and division of fractions.  They will extend division to two digit divisors, review place value and learn all operations of decimals.  Students will develop and understanding of volume through algebra patterns and graphing, units of measure and geometry.  Mastery of these skills will be aided by our supplemental math text, Simple Solutions.


SCIENCE (Houghton Mifflin-Science Fusion):                                                                                                                                       Taught by: Ms. Fleckenstein

The nature of Science and STEM, Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science will be studied this year!  Science experiments are an essential component of science.  Lab activities are scheduled in the O’Connell Science Lab twice within our rotation.  The invention project will be introduced in November and will be due in January.  Students will dissect an owl pellet in May.



The D.A.R.E. program begins in fifth grade.  D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance

Education) will be taught by Officer Andries.  He will work with the students once a week until the conclusion of the ten-week program.

Volunteering: Parents are welcome to volunteer for recess, lunch duty, field trips, and parties. You must be fully Virtus trained. We look forward to seeing you! Links to help you help us are below.


Recess/Lunch Duty:


 Virtus Training*:


*Once you click the link and get to the site, you will have to scroll and choose Chicago (Archdiocese) to see the options for available Virtus classes.

Mrs. Gridelli 116

A day – Music and Spanish

B day – Library and TLC

C day – Science Lab and Gym

D day – Art and TLC

E day – Spanish and Gym

F day – Science Lab  


Ms. Fleckenstein 117

A day – Gym and TLC

B day – Spanish

C day – TLC and Science Lab

D day – Gym

E day – Music and Science Lab

F day – Art and Spanish


Each student will have their own Chromebook this year.  Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebooks to school daily and making sure it is charged.  Students are not allowed to charge Chromebooks during school hours.  Students will be expected to access different programs on their Chromebooks for homework.  By the time we begin assigning Chromebook homework, students should be very comfortable accessing the correct sites.  If there is an issue with the Chromebook, please notify us immediately, so we can fix the problem.  We expect students to handle these devices with respect at all times.   



          Homework, especially math, will be assigned every day, Monday – Thursday.  We try not to assign regular homework over the weekend.  Your child received an OOPS slip from their homeroom teacher.  This OOPS allows them to miss one homework assignment during the year without any consequence.  If your child has not completed a homework assignment, the OOPS slip must be turned in, and the assignment must be completed for the next day.  The next time an assignment is missed, you will be notified with an email.  The late assignment is due the next day.  As stated in our school handbook, homework is a practice or extension of class work.  If at any time your child does not understand their homework, or it is excessive, please encourage your child to inform us with a note, e-mail, or by talking to us in class.  We will help your child with the concept without a homework consequence.   Feel free to send a follow up email.    

Late and missing work affects your child’s progress.  August – December, assignments will be counted as half credit if they are turned in late.  Our goal is to stress the importance of timeliness.  This will be vital to your child’s success in junior high.  



          We have snack in 5th grade.  Please make sure you send a healthy snack daily for your child (i.e. fruit or veggies).  We typically have snack mid-morning.  We also encourage your child to have their own water bottle in class when the weather is above 75 degrees.


Material taught will be assessed regularly.  Students will be informed of upcoming tests several days in advance.  We review in class and sometimes prepare study guidelines to help review.   During the first half of the year, students who earned a 69% or lower are expected to completed test corrections.  You will be notified when this happens.  All students are able to complete test corrections to earn a higher grade.  Tests corrections are always due the day after a test is handed back.


          As you can probably predict, teaching responsibility is one of our goals.   If we can work side-by-side following the guidelines above, we hope that your child will become a more responsible student.  Again, the consequences are never too harsh that you should feel the need to bail your child out.  We understand there can be extenuating circumstances and emergencies.  Please just inform and work with us and we will do the same.

Friday, November 30th

Monday, December 3rd – 9am Reconciliation Thursday December 6th – $1.00 Dres Down for Gift of Hope, wear green, purple, or white Friday, December 7th – 8am Mass, 5th grade meets in Church Wednesday, December 12th – 5th grade leads the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass On Tuesday, we had a gender reveal celebration to...
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Friday, November 9th

Monday, November 12th – Author’s visit Friday, November 16th – 5th grade goes to 8am Mass Friday, November 16th – End of 1st trimester Tuesday, November 20th – 11:30 dismissal, Parent/Teacher Conferences  from 12:30 – 8:00pm Wednesday, November 21st – Thanksgiving break begins! Religion – In Chapter 8, students will describe the events of Pentecost...
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5th Grade News!

Tuesday, October 30th is a dress down day for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Students need to donate at least $1.00 to dress down and should wear some form of pink to show their support.   Wednesday, October 31st – students may wear their school appropriate Halloween costumes to school. Thursday, November 1st – 9am all school...
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5th Grade News!

*Monday, October 15th – 9 am School Mass *Thursday, October 18th – Picture retake day *Friday, October 19th – 5th grade to 8am Mass * Thursday, October 25th – Vision and hearing testing Religion – Students will be finish their study of the seven sacraments next week.  Next, students will be learning about the different...
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5th Grade News

Friday, September 28th, 2018 *All school dress down – wear red on Thursday, October 4th *No school on Monday, October 8th Religion – Students have been studying how Jesus shares his mission with the Church and how the Church acts together as the Body of Christ.  In Chapter 3, students will review the Seven Sacraments...
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