1st Grade


First grade offers a comprehensive curriculum that develops all aspects of God’s children in body, mind and spirit.

Our academics focus on building the strong base structure of each child with focus of hands on Math activities that incorporate Common Core Standards,  the writing process with strong emphasis being placed on Phonics and language based learning, as well as a faith based learning in religion, helps our students to become  well rounded students.


Math: (GoMath!)  This year in math students will focus on addition and subtraction. Students will learn and use multiple strategies to solve both. Students will compare numbers using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. Students will use manipulatives to show their thinking and understanding. Student will work with 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional shapes. Students will also collect data and graph their data. Students will use measurement to the nearest inch and time to the hour and half hour. 

Reading and Writing: (ReadyGEN) Students will use a variety of mentor texts and supplemental texts to work on developing their skills as a reader and writer. Students will be able to ask and answer questions about key details in a story. They will be able to identify the beginning, middle and end of a text, and the point of view of the story. Students will be able to compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in the stories. Students will use illustrations and details to explain and describe ideas. First graders are working to read with fluency and reading with expression. Students will use the writing process to write informative, opinion, and narrative pieces throughout the year. In their writing students will focus on creating complete sentences, with correct punctuation. Students will be able to identify basic parts of speech, and identify details of other writing.

Spelling and Phonics: (Jolly Grammar and Michael Heggerty) In First Grade we gather our spelling lists from Jolly Grammar. Our spelling list is 12 words, 8 words follow a spelling pattern and 4 are sight words. We hone our phonics skills through The Michael Heggerty Program. We stress vowel sounds and practice additional activities that coincide with the program. 

Science: (ScienceFusion) In science we begin by developing our inquiry skills by using our senses and investigating how scientist work. We then look at how objects are made and what materials are used to do so. We cover the design process that engineers use to create new things. First graders will study the life cycles of plants and animals. We focus on what needs need to be met in order to survive and traits that group plants and animals together. We study the parts of a plant as well as where plants and animals live. First grade students will also learn about the many kids of resources Earth has and how to preserve them. Students will focus on the weather and how we measure weather. We will end our year by learning about the three stages of matter and how it changes as well the relationship between force and objects.

Social Studies: (Scott Foresman: All Together) The first unit we cover we learn about being a good citizen in school. We then follow up by being a good citizen in the community and how we can contribute to our community. First graders will learn about needs and wants, spending and saving and transportation from place to place. Students will learn about the Earth and how to preserve its resources. We continue learning about our country, early travelers, our symbols and how we choose our leaders. We finish our year by learning about how our community is connected to our world.

Religion: (We Believe) In first grade students will learn what Jesus taught us about the love God has for us. They will focus on how we gather in church and how to worship God and celebrate the sacraments. Students will understand that Jesus taught us to show our love for God, ourselves and others. Students will pray in different ways; alone and with others. Students will learn the Lord’s prayer as Jesus taught us to do. Students will also learn how to share God’s love with their family, the parish and with others. Students will spread the good news of Jesus by simple acts of love and caring.

We welcome parent volunteers throughout the school year!

In order to volunteer one is required to complete and turn in the needed paperwork (found in the school office) as well as being Virtus Trained. If you have questions about either please contact the office for more information.

Volunteering: Parents are welcome to volunteer for recess, lunch duty, field trips, and parties. You must be fully Virtus trained. We look forward to seeing you! Links to help you help us are below.


Recess/Lunch Duty:


Virtus Training*:


*Once you click the link and get to the site, you will have to scroll and choose Chicago (Archdiocese) to see the options for available Virtus classes.

One way to volunteer is recess and lunch times.

This is an experience students truly enjoy. We are very lucky to have such a special opportunity for students to see their parent(s) during the school day.

First Grade is part of the Lunch A Block with recess starting at 11:30 AM (ending at 11:50 AM) and lunch from 11:50- 12:15 PM.


Indoor Recess

  • Remain at an inside voice level
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Help others
  • Walk to the lunchroom with your lunch bag

Outdoor Recess

  • Watch out/Go around the plants
  • Stay away from the streets
  • First Whistle= Pause and Listen for Directions, Second Whistle= Clean up and Find your adult
  • Put all recess equipment away
  • Pick up your lunches in the lunch bins (Lunch Helpers should bring down bin to lunch room prior to recess)


  • As students walk into the lunchroom, students who receive milk should go directly to the front tables for milk.
  • 10 Students to a table (Fourth Grade tables are located toward the back of the lunchroom)
  • Each student gets a baby wipe
  • Lunch Supervisors will dismiss tables
  • Students are responsible for cleaning their area

108 Specials Schedule                                                                           107 Special Schedule

A: TLC and Science Lab                                                                           A:  TLC and Spanish

B: Spanish                                                                                                 B:   Gym

C: Library and TLC                                                                                    C:   Art and Science

D: Art and P.E                                                                                            D:   TLC

E: P.E                                                                                                           E:    Music and Spanish

F: Music and Spanish                                                                               F:    Library and  Gym

108 Rules:

Rule #1: Listen and follow directions quickly

Rule #2: Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat

Rule #3: Keep your hands, feet, and things to yourself

Rule #4: Make smart choices

Rule #5: Try your best


Room 107 :

Rule #1:    Be Kind

Rule #2:   Be Responsible

Rule #3:   Be Safe

Rule #4:   Be Nice


These rules help us be kind, responsible, and safe!

Week of September 9-13

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Week of September 2-6

We had a short, yet jammed pack week in first grade! We introduced our first spelling list and started our first story, Time to Sleep. Our spelling list will follow the <ch> pattern this coming week. In Language Arts we read our first story, Time to Sleep, and were introduced to informational texts. We read...
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Week of August 26-30

We had a fantastic first full week in first grade! We went on Church visit with Mrs. Campbell on Friday, be sure to ask your student all about it! Next week we will begin our normal homework schedule and we will have our first spelling list following the <sh> pattern. In Language Arts we practiced...
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First Grade News!

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2019-2020 School Year Is Almost Here!

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