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The St. Cletus Preschool program focuses on the development of the whole child in a faith-based atmosphere. Throughout the day children participate in the following activities: prayer, play, music, math, art, calendar, technology, stories, and more. The Preschool curriculum provides children with the opportunities for social/emotional development, large and fine motor development. In all our grade levels, faith is taught across the curriculum and in Preschool we incorporate the “Allelu!” curriculum. St. Cletus Preschool is open to all children who will be turning 3 or 4 by September 1st.

St. Cletus Preschool offers both full day and half day options. Parents may choose for half day Preschool Monday – Friday, Tuesday/Thursday, or Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:00 am to 10:45 am. Full day Preschool is offered Monday – Friday. Full day Preschool students attend special classrooms which include: Spanish, Music, Library, TLC, and Gym.

Here’s some of the things Preschool students’ learn each day:

  • Social skills like sharing and self-control.
  • Fine motor skills to prepare us for holding writing tools.
  • Gross motor skills like coordination and balance.
  • Creative expression and taking pride in our work.
  • Literacy skills like book care and recognizing familiar letters and/or words.
  • Math skills like counting, sorting, and comparing.
  • Science skills like constructing, experimenting, and observing.

Below is our schedule for specials. Please view our school calendar to see the most up to date information. We follow a Monday through Friday rotation throughout the year for our specials.

Room 99

  • Monday – Art
  • Tuesday – Spanish
  • Wednesday – PE
  • Thursday – PE
  • Friday – TLC

Room 100

  • Monday – Art
  • Tuesday – Spanish
  • Wednesday – PE
  • Thursday – PE
  • Friday – TLC


  • 20 Students


  • 20 Students 

Due to COVID 19 – Students are to bring their own snacks each day.

Have you been wondering why your child always seems to be playing instead of working in our classroom?

It’s because play IS the work of a child!

Research has shown that play is the most effective way to teach preschoolers.


  • Preschool Readiness Checklist:
    • Follows 1 and 2 step directions
    • Speaks clearly
    • Can express and describe feelings
    • Recites alphabet
    • Identifies upper case and lower case letters
    • Identifies phonemic sound of each letter
    • Shows interest during read alouds
    • Retells a story verbally and with picture cards
    • Traces letters, name, and numbers
    • Stack 18 or more blocks
    • Correctly hold crayons and pencils
    • Practices correct scissor skills
    • Copy straight lines, curved lines, and common shapes
    • Compare objects
    • Identify basic shapes
    • Count to 20
    • Runs with ease
    • Skips, jumps and hops

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about our curriculum.  Rest assured – your child is learning AND having fun!

Half Day News – End of Year

First let me say how blessed I feel to have been with these amazing students this year!  To see learning and growth through the eyes of prek students is something to be taken in awe! We had an amazing year!   We grew in our faith by praying each school day, attending Tuesday 8am Mass each...
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Full Day Preschool-May 27, 2022

Looking Back… * I would like to begin with a great big THANK YOU to Mrs. Barba for being our room representative.  What an amazing job she did!  I am so grateful for all she has done for our Preschool class! *I would also like to send another great big THANK YOU to all parents. ...
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Full Day Preschool-May 20, 2022

Looking Back… *This week was all about ocean animals.  We took a few virtual field trips to different aquariums.  We read lots of books about sea creatures that begin with all the letters of the alphabet.  The x-ray fish was our favorite!  Our Friday drawing was, of course, our favorite ocean animals.  Counting fish and...
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Half Day Prek 5.13.22

What a blessed week we have had!   From our Monday May Crowning to our visit to the park on Friday, we have been blessed! Mark your calendar for JUNE 1st!  This will be our half day end of year celebration.   We will gather for a little sing, snacks and good- bye’s.  More details to come. ...
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Full Day Preschool-May 13, 2022

Looking Back… *Letter review was our focus this week!  We played a lot of alphabet games in our centers, read lots of silly books and sang almost all 26 Jolly Phonics songs.  I am amazed by how many Preschool kiddos know their entire alphabet.  We will be focusing on rhyming words and beginning sounds for...
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Full Day Preschool-May 6th, 2022

Looking Back… *This week was all about MOMS!  We were busy preparing gifts for all of our Moms and reading stories about Moms.  I hope all the Moms enjoyed their gifts.  I wish all of the Preschool Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 *God gave us light.  We discussed the moon, stars and sun...
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Half Day News 4.30

Dear Parents, It’s hard to believe April is over!  May is going to fly by! But, we will enjoy every minute of it. This week we spent time getting back together after Spring Break.  We went outside and noticed how things had changed since we were here last.  We especially took notice of the beautiful...
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Full Day Preschool-April 29, 2022

Looking Back… *This week we were busy learning all about the last letter of the alphabet-Zz!  We created two kinds of zebras and bees were buzzing all around in our Jolly Phonics song.  It’s hard to believe we just finished the entire alphabet.  It seems like the Jolly phonics ants were just crawling up our...
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Half Day News 4.14.22

  We have been busy with Easter, Book Fair, and plants this week! What fun we had with our Easter Egg Hunts!  Thank you to those who donated to help with this adventure!!   We found eggs high and low and enjoyed finding treats inside. We talked about the Stations of the Cross as we prepare...
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