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The St. Cletus Preschool program focuses on the development of the whole child in a faith-based atmosphere. Throughout the day children participate in the following activities: prayer, play, music, math, art, calendar, technology, stories, and more. The Preschool curriculum provides children with the opportunities for social/emotional development, large and fine motor development. In all our grade levels, faith is taught across the curriculum and in Preschool we incorporate the “Allelu!” curriculum. St. Cletus Preschool is open to all children who will be turning 3 or 4 by September 1st.

St. Cletus Preschool offers both full day and half day options. Parents may choose for half day Preschool Monday – Friday, Tuesday/Thursday, or Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:00 am to 10:45 am. Full day Preschool is offered Monday – Friday. Full day Preschool students attend special classrooms which include: Spanish, Music, Library, TLC, and Gym.

Here’s some of the things Preschool students’ learn each day:

  • Social skills like sharing and self-control.
  • Fine motor skills to prepare us for holding writing tools.
  • Gross motor skills like coordination and balance.
  • Creative expression and taking pride in our work.
  • Literacy skills like book care and recognizing familiar letters and/or words.
  • Math skills like counting, sorting, and comparing.
  • Science skills like constructing, experimenting, and observing.

Below is our schedule for specials. Please view our school calendar to see the most up to date information. We follow a Monday through Friday rotation throughout the year for our specials.

Room 99

  • Monday – Art
  • Tuesday – Spanish
  • Wednesday – PE
  • Thursday – PE
  • Friday – TLC

Room 100

  • Monday – Art
  • Tuesday – Spanish
  • Wednesday – PE
  • Thursday – PE
  • Friday – TLC


  • 20 Students


  • 20 Students 

Due to COVID 19 – Students are to bring their own snacks each day.

Have you been wondering why your child always seems to be playing instead of working in our classroom?

It’s because play IS the work of a child!

Research has shown that play is the most effective way to teach preschoolers.


  • Preschool Readiness Checklist:
    • Follows 1 and 2 step directions
    • Speaks clearly
    • Can express and describe feelings
    • Recites alphabet
    • Identifies upper case and lower case letters
    • Identifies phonemic sound of each letter
    • Shows interest during read alouds
    • Retells a story verbally and with picture cards
    • Traces letters, name, and numbers
    • Stack 18 or more blocks
    • Correctly hold crayons and pencils
    • Practices correct scissor skills
    • Copy straight lines, curved lines, and common shapes
    • Compare objects
    • Identify basic shapes
    • Count to 20
    • Runs with ease
    • Skips, jumps and hops

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about our curriculum.  Rest assured – your child is learning AND having fun!

Full Day Preschool January 14, 2021

Looking Back… *This past week was all about the weather and our new season.  We made name snowmen with our 6th grade Buddies, read lots of stories about the season and created snow paintings.  We were even able to get out for one winter walk!  This was our first time outdoors together in 2022. *We...
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Half Day Prek January 14

God Is Good!   We Love the Blessings God has given us and this week we focused on the animals.  The animals we love showed up to school this week (as our favorite stuffed animal) and we had a chance to talk about each animal.  The children are getting very good at listening to each other...
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Full Day Preschool-January 7, 2022

Looking Back…(It was a short, but BUSY week!) *We welcomed in our New Year with songs and art projects!  We added the new year to our calendar and recycled 2021. It was so nice to see all of our friends after our break.  We are looking forward to lots of learning, friendship and exporation in...
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Half Day Preschool News 1.7

Happy New Year!   We started our short week off with 2022 crowns and a toast with sparkling grape juice!   We were so happy to be back with our friends! We jumped right in with the letter O and having letter fun with food!   Thank you Cheerios for your creation of hearts and O’s!   We worked...
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Half Day News 12.27

The Week before Christmas was nothing short of amazing!  With our program and attending Mass twice in a short week, we still had time to practice our preschool skills. It’s always a Great Day to be a Cardinal! (Especially in Half Day prek!) Wishing you all a happy break and the wonderful, healthy, happy New...
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Full Day Preschool-December 17, 2021

Looking Back… *Christmas continues to be our focus in Preschool.  This week we lit our third candle on our Advent Wreath, decorated birthday cakes for Baby Jesus, finished our Christmas surprise, and practiced, practiced, practiced for our Christmas Program.  We are so excited to sing for our families! *We attended the School Mass and enjoyed...
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Half Day News 12.17.21

Can you say Christmas Excitement?!   We sure can! This week we have focused on the Holy Family and the story of Jesus.  We have listened to stories about the Jesse tree and have talked about our Christmas program too.  The joy of Christmas everywhere! How are the count down chains coming?   I bet they are...
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Half Day Preschool News 12.10

Advent has shown us how to share and  give to others through our food pantry donations and our giving tree donations.  We are blessed to be in a community that teaches children to give back to their community.   Thank you for your support in this teaching.    During the week of December 13th, we will...
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Full Day Preschool-December 10, 2021

Looking Back… *It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Preschool!  Our Advent wreaths have two candles lit!  Our countdown chains are hanging!  We are working hard on our surprises for our families!  Sorry!  We can’t tell you about them!   Our Nativity Scene is all set up and we even did our Christmas shopping...
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