Mrs. Van Wyck

Policy & Expectations

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  • Homework is assigned almost nightly and must be completed to succeed.
  • Late homework assignments are allowed, but will be reduced one point.
  • After 3 missing homework assignments the student will stay in during lunch/recess, either that day or the following day.
  • Students who receive a D or below are allowed to make test corrections to regain half of each point lost.
  • Tests and quizzes are worth 70% of the final grade. Homework is worth 30%.
  • All work must be done in pencil
  • All work must be shown to receive credit on any assignment unless instructed otherwise.
  • Calculators are allowed only when instructions are given to use them.
  • All students should have a TI-30 or TI-34 scientific calculator for Junior High.
    8th grade accelerated students should have a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.
  • Simple Solutions are used in 6th & 7th grade with one lesson due on Tuesday and one lesson due on Friday each week. Summer homework is assigned from these books also.
  • Save graded papers to study for chapter tests. Most graded papers will have comments on them which will be helpful for tests.
  • Mathematics is a course which builds on itself therefore; you must keep up with the program to succeed. Be proactive when you need help and don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • Know your facts and class participation counts! (Be sure to raise your hand!)
  • Math students are expected to work in cooperative groups with kindness and respect.
  • Come to class with your workbook(s), paper, folder and pencil.
  • All math students will respect class materials and return items used promptly.

Electronic Textbooks

News-Month of May

Lots of exciting news…happy May! Wow! I just learned that our class raised the most money through family pages (~$3800). That is fantastic! The students will get a pizza party and I get a spa day! Thank you! We w In addition, Estaban Toledo will be bringing in a special treat this Friday “cinco de...
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News Van Wk: March 29

Hello!  I just wanted to let everyone know we will be doing the Stations of the Cross at 2:30pm tomorrow in church.  Several seventh graders volunteered to read!   We will also be attending the Book Fair on Monday 4/3 and Tuesday 4/4 next week. We will be helping our buddies attend mass next week...
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March 15th Sixth Grade Test Update

Good morning! I handed out the practice test monday/tuesday – the actual test for decimal operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divison) will be on Tuesday March 21st. We will be going over the entire practice test Monday but please feel free to have students come to me with any questions throughout the week. The students...
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News February 16

Hello! Just a reminder we do not have school on Friday the 17th or Monday the 20th. Last week we had a very fun surprise–the Blackhawk mascot Tommy Hawk came for a pep rally to St Cletus! Syria: Today the eighth grade NJHS hosted a prayer service for the devastating situation in Syria and Turkey....
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January 31st News

Happy Catholic Schools Week! Monday the students wore sport tops. Today we celebrated mass with our buddies.A few updates…Tomorrow is dress down spirit wear. Thursday we will have full dress down and get to spend sometime with our buddies. Friday is red/white games–students have been advised which team/colors to wear.Thank you to all that came...
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week of Jan 16th-van wyck

We had a PBIS reflection assembly yesterday afternoon in which we went over positive behaviors that we need to comply with in our classrooms, hallways and at church. It was very nice discussion amongst teachers, students, and administration! These behaviors promote a safe and responsible environment for our students. This Friday our Preschool buddies will...
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Happy New Year – January 5th

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday time together! I went to Florida and helped my mom navigate getting her condo fixed that was damaged in Hurricane Ian. We have spent the last 10 years there for Christmas but we were unable to stay there this year due to roof damage/no running water. It was...
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wk December 5 Van wyck

Hard to believe it is December already! Service project:  Keep the canned/packaged food goods coming!  We have brought in about 60 out of the 100 item goal.  That is amazing!   It was nice seeing many faces last week at PTC!  We had fun that day taking our buddies to the Thanksgiving Prayer Service :)....
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week 11/14 Van Wyck

I am so excited we have already collected 24 canned/packaged items for the food pantry. This is part of our seventh grade service project.It is very timely with our food collection that we are learning about one of Jesus’s miracles–turning 5 loves and 5 fishes into a meal for 5000 men. The students read this...
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