Mrs. Jennifer Van Wyck

Policy & Expectations

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  • Homework is assigned almost nightly and must be completed to succeed.
  • Late homework assignments are allowed, but will be reduced one point.
  • After 3 missing homework assignments the student will stay in during lunch/recess, either that day or the following day.
  • Students who receive a D or below are allowed to make test corrections to regain half of each point lost.
  • Tests and quizzes are worth 70% of the final grade. Homework is worth 30%.
  • All work must be done in pencil
  • All work must be shown to receive credit on any assignment unless instructed otherwise.
  • Calculators are allowed only when instructions are given to use them.
  • All students should have a TI-30 or TI-34 scientific calculator for Junior High.
    8th grade accelerated students should have a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.
  • Simple Solutions are used in 6th & 7th grade with one lesson due on Tuesday and one lesson due on Friday each week. Summer homework is assigned from these books also.
  • Save graded papers to study for chapter tests. Most graded papers will have comments on them which will be helpful for tests.
  • Mathematics is a course which builds on itself therefore; you must keep up with the program to succeed. Be proactive when you need help and don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • Know your facts and class participation counts! (Be sure to raise your hand!)
  • Math students are expected to work in cooperative groups with kindness and respect.
  • Come to class with your workbook(s), paper, folder and pencil.
  • All math students will respect class materials and return items used promptly.

Electronic Textbooks

i-ready scores

We’ve completed our first session of math i-ready. Please ask your student to look at them. It outlines how they did in each math discipline-geometry, algebra, number operations, and measurement. This week will begin our weekly practice sessions to help improve our scores when we re-visit i-ready diagnostic in January. Each week a passing lesson...
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wk 9-12

Hello 7th and 8th grade families-  I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the fair.  I had a blast and I got to spend time with many of you :).   7th Grade Math-  We are working on order of operations (PEMDAS) this week.  We will have a Simple Solutions quiz on Friday and...
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news wk 8/28

Hello parents–Today we had an honor guard for a double funeral mass at St Cletus. One of the deceased was a young lady who graduated from St Cletus the class of 2013, the other was her male friend. They were in a tragic car accident. We talked at length today about reverence and how important...
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wk 8/22–News about Catholic High School Entrance Exam (Seventh Exam)

Good morning,I hope you had a wonderful summer! I am writing to invite your incoming 8th-grade students to take part in a test prep course for the Catholic high school entrance exam (the “HSPT”). This will be an IN-PERSON class at the Westchester Library. WHY TAKE THE CLASS?: Our students have seen great success on...
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wk 8/22 Math Curriculum 7th/8th

7th Math Expressions and Equations -Addition/subtraction -Multiplication/Division Integers Decimals Number Theory (Prime, Powers, Exponents) Rational Numbers Linear Equations and Inequalities Ratio, Proportion, Percent Geometry Probability, Statistics, Graphs Square Roots and Triangles 8th Math Expressions, Equations, Functions Real Numbers Solving Linear Equations – proportions, percent, ratios Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities- Slope *Systems of Equations and...
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wk 8/22 Curriculum Night

7th Grade Math, Science, Religion—Van Wyck Books:  Go Math!, Access Hard cover text, Simple Solutions Fusion Science Text (online) Sadlier Old Testament and New Testament Supplies: Pencil/Pen, calculator for math (simple calculator or TI-84) Folder and notebook for math, notebook for religion, notebook for science Procedure:  Math class will begin with 5 minutes of time...
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Week 8/22

Hello Seventh Grade!Just a reminder that curriculum night is tonite at 6:30pm. Should be about 30-45 minutes meeting with Mr Nowakowski and myself..Also, PE is tomorrow (Thursdays) AND Fridays so students can wear gym uniform and gym shoes all day.Just FYI–Our other specials are as follows: On Monday we have Spanish, Tuesday TLC, and Wednesday...
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News-Month of May

Lots of exciting news…happy May! Wow! I just learned that our class raised the most money through family pages (~$3800). That is fantastic! The students will get a pizza party and I get a spa day! Thank you! We w In addition, Estaban Toledo will be bringing in a special treat this Friday “cinco de...
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News Van Wk: March 29

Hello!  I just wanted to let everyone know we will be doing the Stations of the Cross at 2:30pm tomorrow in church.  Several seventh graders volunteered to read!   We will also be attending the Book Fair on Monday 4/3 and Tuesday 4/4 next week. We will be helping our buddies attend mass next week...
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