Our Spanish class assists students with the development of the Spanish language, including vocabulary and grammar. Students also learn about the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Students actively learn and express Spanish through listening, speaking, writing, and reading. By emphasizing the importance of communication, students are presented with opportunities to apply authentic and realistic language use in the classroom.


Spanish Curriculum:

-Preschool & Kindergarten focus on learning their colors, letters, numbers, days of the week, months and seasons.  Song and dance are also incorporated into class time to help with repetition and memorization.

-1st through 3rd Grade use the Brighter Child curriculum.  Practice is included for learning color words, animal words, family words, and more.  Each book contains full-color practice pages, easy-to-follow instructions, and an answer key.


-4th through 8th Grade use the Skills for Success Spanish Resource Series.  The exercises in this resource book are presented in a range of formats that help students acquire basic Spanish vocabulary. The book includes vocabulary lists, reproducible storybooks and a pronunciation key.