3rd Grade


Welcome to 3rd grade!

We offer an integrated curriculum, which motivates students to understand the connection between the classroom lessons and their personal call to faith and service.

Our teachers nurture each and every child building on confidence and self-image through hands on opportunities like special science projects and biography report presentations.  Service field trips and academic rigor give our students the basis they need for success and preparation for the coming years.

Science: Concepts that we will be covering throughout the year will be Investigating and Questioning, The Engineering Process, Plants and Animals, Ecosystems and Interactions, Changes to Earth’s Surface, People and Resources, Water and Weather, Earth and It’s Moon, Matter, and finally we will learn about Simple and Compound Machines.

In the spring we obtain fertile eggs, incubate them, and then watch them hatch and start to grow up. Students learn all about eggs, embryo development, the incubation process and chickens during this fun unit of study and experiments. Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to have the incubation part of this activity. We will be doing MANY of the activities that are involved in hatching chick even if we are not able to have the chicks in our room.

Religion: Our series “WE BELIEVE” has us learning about these FOUR main concepts: Jesus Gives Us the Church, We are Members of the Church, that The Church Leads Us in Worship, and We are Called to Discipleship.

Second Steps: Second Steps is a series that helps students develop empathetically towards other people’s feelings. They will also learn strategies to control their tempers and impulses.

Math: The GoMath series this year begins with the students reviewing how to round up and down. We also used compatible numbers as well as reading and creating graphs. We will move on to learn about multiplication, Division, fractions facts and strategies. Finally we will explore time, length, liquid volume, mass and two dimensional shapes.

Simple Solutions Math: The students will continue with the next level (Grade 3) in Simple Solutions Math. Each week they will be assigned four lessons to complete by Friday of that same week. These lessons will be graded and books will be returned on Monday. Please encourage your child to show their work in the boxes provided in the book. The students will also take weekly quizzes in Simple Solutions that have problems similar to the lessons completed each week.

Language Art: The ReadyGen reading series will have us looking at fiction and nonfiction selections and practicing different writing styles. Along with Ready Gen we use Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Series to help strengthen our knowledge about long and short vowels, initial and ending blend, compounds, syllables, diagraphs, r – controlled vowels, contractions, plurals, suffixes, dipthongs, diagraphs, prefixes, base words, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, homographs and lastly dictionary skills. Rounding out our language arts curriculum is our spelling series called Spelling Connection. Word lists are introduced and sent home on Monday to study at home. The students will take weekly assessments. The spelling words are used in analogies, to solve riddles, sort into syllables and many other activities. We have spelling homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Please be sure that your child completes the work NEATLY and returns it on time.

Other special projects that are included in our Language Arts

  • Dress- up biography presentations done in a Wax Museum Setting … parents are invited to attend.
  • President mobiles
  • Changes in time posters
  • Monthly memorized Poetry starting in September
  • Monthly Memorized Poetry starting in September.
  • Monthly book reports Starting in September

With the many changes that have been made throughout the school and due to COVID our specials will be on set days of the week rather than a rotating schedule as they had been in the past.

  • Monday: Spanish and Gym
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: Gym
  • Thursday: Spanish
  • Friday: TLC

Our classroom rules are put in place to help everyone have a happy and successful school year.

1. Listen Carefully
2. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
3. Follow all directions promptly.
4. Work QUIETLY!!
5. Respect yourself, others and property
6. Keep Social Distance
7. Wear a mask at all times

Daily classwork that is not completed will automatically become homework and is due back the next day. Each day please spend at least 15 minutes listening to your child read out loud. Daily homework should take about 30 minutes. PLEASE be sure your child turns in their homework when it is due. Also be sure that their first and last names appear on the pages. These two items are GREAT habits to start in the younger grades and keep practicing throughout their lives.

Study, Homework and Organization
One of the biggest responsibilities your child will have this year is developing good study skills. Filling in the assignment notebook, first thing in the morning is a big part of developing these skills. As the day progresses homework assignments and special messages will be added at the end of the day. I will be checking everyone’s books and sending them home. Please be sure to sign the day’s page so that I know you have seen the entry your child has made.

As your child is doing their homework PLEASE encourage them to use their BEST handwriting and do their work NEATLY!!! PLEASE also be sure to read the directions with your child to be sure they understand what they need to do on the assignment. PLEASE be sure they complete all directions on the page.

Friday’s Folder
Tests, quizzes and many worksheets will be sent home in your child’s Friday folder. If any pages are marked “PLEASE CORRECT, FINISH and RETURN, please see that your child completes and returns them quickly. Be sure to sign the sheet that says you saw the graded work that your child brings home

Books and Learning Activities:
The Third Graders will be very busy leaners this year. Along with the regular curriculum will read numerous books, participate in STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Art and Math.) activities. Students will use chrome books to enhance all areas of the Third Grade learning environment.

This year the third grade will be doing field trips virtually. These trips have yet to be determined.

News From Room 111

News From Room 111 Dates to Remember Monday:  Spanish and Gym  Vision and Screening today Tuesday:  Art  D4D at Culvers in Lyons Wednesday:  Gym  Pick up the auction items that you purchased Thursday:  TLC Friday:  Spanish.  Miss Delgado’s last day is today. We’ll be working on these skills this week Religion:  This week we will...
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News From Room 111

News From Room 111 Important things happening this week: Room 111 is in need of disinfecting wipes.  If you are will and able to send in a container or more they would be GREATLY appreciated by us all!!! Thursday, February 25th:  D4D at Chick Fil A in Willow Brook Friday, February 26:  February Poems are due on...
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News From Room 111

Things to Remember for the week PRESIDENTIAL MOBILES are due Friday, February 12th.  Please remember that all the paper work that was sent along with the directions NEEDS to be turned in along with the actual mobiles.  If you need these papers again they are on the GOOGLE CLASSROOM~ STREAM page to help you out....
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News From Room 111

News from Room 111 for the 21st Week of School We welcomed our student teacher Miss Gloria Delgado on Tuesday, January 19th.  The students have really enjoyed getting to know her during these past two weeks.  Miss Delgado will slowly take over teaching the students starting with Math this week.       Auction Item...
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News From Room 111

News From Room 111 Please remember that our classroom windows are kept open during this time.  Please send a St. Cletus sweatshirt or sweater each day so that your child does not need to wear their bulky winter coats during class. Monday, December 14:  Spanish and Gym Tuesday, December 15th:  Art Wednesday, December 16th:  Gym.  D4D...
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News From Room 111

Things to Remember for the Week Please send a St. Cletus sweatshirt or sweater to wear through out the winter months because our windows will always be open to let in fresh air. Monday, Dec 7th:  Spanish and Gym Tuesday, Dec 8th:  Art.  Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  We will view Mass  Wednesday, Dec 9th:...
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News From Room 111

Things to Remember for the Week Sunday, November 29th:  Advent begins.  First candle is purple and represents  HOPE: is lit throughout the first week of Advent. Monday, November 30th:  Spanish and Gym Tuesday, December 1st:  Art Wednesday, December 2nd:  Gym Thursday, December 3rd:  Spanish Friday, December 4th:  TLC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December Prayer:  Prayers will be sent home...
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News From Room 111

Religion:  We will begin rehearsing our Thanksgiving Prayer Service this week.  Each child will have a part to practice at home.  These parts DO NOT need to be memorized or filmed they only need to be read fluently.  Please help your child practice at home.  Please remember that the November Prayer will be due on...
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New From Room 111

Things to remember for next week: Monday, November 2nd:  Specials ~ Spanish and Gym.  Dining for dollars at Little Joes.   Tuesday, November 3rd:  Specials ~ Art.  Dining for dollars at Little Joes.   Wednesday, November 4th:  Special ~ Gym. Dining for dollars at Little Joes.  Picture Retakes.  Please let me know if you will be getting...
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