6th Grade



Welcome to middle school, 6th graders! This is a big jump forward for your academic journey and we’re so excited to welcome you to the middle school experience!


WE expect all students to be respectful of each other and to their teachers.  Students will quietly arrive in class and be ready for the lesson. All students will raise their hands to speak. Chromebooks must be charged and ready to go, everyday!  Most of all, we expect all of us to have fun and grow in our knowledge.




Grammar: We will work on expanding your understanding of the basics of grammar. We’ll start with a review of what you’ve learned previously and then expand those skills.

Vocabulary: You will get a vocabulary book to work out of. We will use the vocabulary book every 2-3 weeks and you will be tested on the vocabulary at the end of those weeks.

Writing: We will work on organization, sentence structures, and paragraph structures. We will also explore different types of writing: creative, expository, declarative, and persuasive.

Novels: We will be reading multiple novels throughout the school year. There will be discussion questions that you will be expected to answer before class or during class. I expect everyone to participate at some point in the class discussions. 

Mythology: We will spend time on Roman and Greek mythology.

Nonfiction: We will do a nonfiction unit in which students will choose a nonfiction book to read with a group and then present a google slides presentation to their classmates to teach them about the book. We will do this twice so all students will be exposed to ten very different topics. 


The curriculum will be taken from the E-School 3.0 program that the Archdiocese of Chicago has implemented.  Much of the work will be found and completed on Google Classroom.  Topics covered will include current events, geography, and an emphasis on world history.


The sixth grade science curriculum is based on the frameworks within the Next Generation Science Standards. In this class, students will focus on learning the Earth and Space Science standards, coupled with Technology, Engineering, and Social/Emotional Standards.  E-School 3.0 program that the Archdiocese of Chicago has implemented will also be used.


Students in this math class are expected to develop study skills, to keep up with any assignments, and to continue to practice their skills and math facts with materials such as Simple Solutions.  Students are expected to come to class prepared and to complete assignments on time.



Factors & Multiples

Rational Numbers

Operations with Fractions

Operations with Decimals

Representing Ratios & Rates

Applying Ratios & Rates


Area & Polygons

Surface Area & Volume of Solids

Displaying, Analyzing, & Summarizing Data


Go Math! Middle School Grade 6, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Supplemental Material



Worksheets from various sources

Simple Solutions Workbook


Prayer – The class will recite a decade of the Rosary each day and focus on a specific Mystery of the Rosary.

Saint of the Day – During each class period, students will be introduced to a new saint, most likely whomever is celebrating a feast that day.  At the conclusion of most weeks, students will complete a brief assignment covering some of the facts they have learned about the saints.


We Believe – This is the online resource that will be utilized regularly.  The content focuses mainly on the Old Testament.

Other relevant activities and lessons will be completed throughout the year to supplement the primary materials. 


All assignments will be assigned points. Those points will then be weighted depending upon the category they fall into.

35%- Tests/Quizzes

35%- Papers

20%- Homework

10%- Participation


Students will be expected to complete assignments outside of class time on a regular basis.  All students are expected to complete work in pencil and use complete sentences in their answers that require it.  Work must be shown.  Papers must have the name and date at the top.


A fully charged chromebook.  A spiral notebook will be needed for each subject. Students must have pens and pencils for writing as well as notebook paper.  


A+  99% 

A    95%

A-   93%

B+  91%

B    87%

B-   85%

C+  83%

C    79%

C-   77%

D+  75%

D    71%

D-   69%

U    67% and below


If a student is absent, it is HIS/HER responsibility to get all missed work from the teacher.  The student gets a grace period to turn in the work equivalent to the amount of days they were absent.


It is the student’s responsibility to turn in their work on the due date.  If it is late by one day, it will receive half credit.  Assignments turned in past that will automatically receive a 0%.


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