Mr. Ezra Steffen


Junior high students explore the stories of history through analysis of primary sources and secondary sources. From 7th through 8th grade students will be using a combination of methods to understand concepts in a meaningful and captivating way. One of these methods is the History Fair. During participation in the Chicago Metro History Fair, students get to be historians by making projects on topics they care about! Students will be able to express their work through means such as video documentaries, dramatic performances, and exhibit poster boards. The students will also practice reading comprehension skills with expository text, and develop critical thinking skills with collaborative work, technology-based projects, debates, and simulations.

  • 7th grade explores societies and peoples that existed in North and South America before European colonization, all the way to the end of the Civil War
  • 8th grade studies the United States from the Civil War Reconstruction, to the modern day

Electronic Textbooks