Shop With Scrip News

Effective this school year, we will be returning to our normal Scrip ordering and distribution schedules, but with a few tweaks to ensure the safety and well-being of our Scrip team and school families.

  • All orders (including physical gift cards), submitted using Scrip website – by 10:00 am on Mondays
  • All check/cash payments – by 10:00 am on Mondays:

Drop Payments Off to:    School Office (“Apple” door #2 – mail slot), Attn:  ShopWithScrip  

  • Presto Pay ($0.15 service fee per order) – still available!
  • Credit Card payments (2.6% service fee per order) – still available (Visa, MC, & Discover accepted)!
  • Reloads (to existing physical cards) and/or eGift cards (ScripNow) – still available!
  • Physical gift cards – still received and filled on Wednesdays!

To create a new ShopwithScrip account, visit

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Olano at or 708-732-3231

What is ShopwithScrip?

Every year St. Cletus families are receiving credit toward their next year’s tuition by participating in the
ShopwithScrip program.

The ShopwithScrip program is the Family School Association’s largest ongoing fundraising program.
Vendors sell gift cards to us at a discounted price, we sell them at face value, and the difference is our
profit. This profit is split between participating families (50%) and the school (50%). The family’s
portion is used as a tuition credit for the following school year.

This program raises approximately $15,000 a year in profit for the school and participating families and
is a WIN-WIN program, as you get what you pay for and much more! The more ShopwithScrip you
buy, the larger your tuition credit. It’s like getting FREE money!!!

Every Monday when school is in session, you can place an order for gift cards (check school calendar
for dates). We recommend new customers sign up to our on-line ordering system (our web address is: It’s fast and easy. Instructions can be found on the school website under
Parents – ShopwithScrip: Gift Cards for Education – Learn More. New participants must fill out a
registration and disclaimer form (available on the school website under ShopwithScrip) before your
first order can be processed.

ShopwithScrip orders are due in the school office by 9:00 a.m. on Monday mornings, and the gift cards
will go home with your child, or they can be picked up at the school office on the Wednesday afternoon
of the same week.

ShopwithScrip also offers the ease of shopping at YOUR convenience with MyScripWallet-where
you can buy eCards and Reload/ReloadNow *certain physical gift cards already in your possession.
This ease of shopping is done by enrolling in PrestoPay—the on-line payment method offered through

If you have not ordered ShopwithScrip in the past, please give it a try. All it takes is a little planning and
budgeting to make ShopwithScrip work for your family. Family members such as grandparents, aunts,
and uncles can participate in the ShopwithScrip program by having their orders credited to your account.

If you have any questions or wish to volunteer your time, please email

This program raises approximately $15,000 a year in profit for the school and participating families.