02/24 Update

Greetings Parents,

As you know, Trimester 2 is coming to an end.  Please make sure to check Powerschool to see if your child is missing any work.  I’ve been trying to update grades at a furious pace after being severely backed up, and I appreciate your patience and understanding with that.

All three levels have either completed or are close to completing Unit 12 Adjectives and Adverbs as part of grammar instruction.  Remember, all exercises are completed individually in class and/or at home.  They are corrected and reviewed together in class, and that material may be used on the open book tests.

In Social Studies, Eighth Grade recently complete its unit on the Civil War.  We have been focusing on the life of Abraham Lincoln, since our Springfield trip is just a few weeks away. (Please turn in money if you still have not.)  After that, we will cover the era of Reconstruction and how the nation built itself back up and became brothers again.   Seventh Grade is in the process of preparing for the U.S. Constitution Test.  That will be administered in the upcoming weeks.  Sixth Grade has jumped back and forth from Ancient Greece, to learning about the White House and the role of the Executive Branch of our American government.

Getting back to the first paragraph, Sixth Grade has been struggling with turning assignments in on time since Christmas break.  After attempting to provide leniency and giving them opportunities to submit late work, it caused a significant backup in my grading.  As a result, grades – especially in Social Studies – took some time to be updated.  From that window of time, any missing work will not be grade as a zero, but students who have not submitted that work will not earn any credit.  I know there were absences and other issues, and I am understanding of that.  Moving into Trimester 3 though, assignments will be grade more promptly, and students will be penalized as needed.  For those who are turning work in on time regularly, continue the good work!

I hope your Lenten journey is off to a good start.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”    – Marie Curie