12/2: News From Fifth

Hello 5th grade parents and families, we hope you are staying warm and enjoying the Christmas spirit that has started to come around!

Social Studies: Students have been learning about the age of exploration as well as European and Asian explorers.

Science: We have introduced simple machines, and we will be taking a close look at each one. We are also moving into the Engineering Process unit, and gearing up for the Invention Convention! The “intent to invent” page will be due on 12/19, and the final product is due 1/25.

Grammar/Writing: We continue to review parts of speech and types of sentences. As we have begun poetry in Reading, students are incorporating different types of figurative language into their writing assignments. We are also beginning a focus on conjunctions.

Reading: We have begun our poetry unit, learning all about types of poetry, poetry vocabulary, and figurative language. Students are also writing their own poems.

Religion: We have been learning about the Sacrament of Matrimony. We are moving into the Sacrament of Holy Orders. At this time of year, we also spend time reviewing Advent, taking time to reflect and prepare for the coming of Christ.

Spelling: In unit 13, students will write, spell, and define words with r-controlled vowels such as in “inform” and “appear.” In unit 14, students will write, spell, and define words with vowel diphthongs oi, oy, ou, and ow.

Math: We have been multiplying fractions, converting fractions between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and simplifying fractions/finding simplest form. We will soon be moving on to chapter 8 in which we will be dividing fractions!

Have a great weekend!

It’s a great day to be a Cardinal!
Mrs. Wrodarczyk and Mrs. Witkowski