3/3/23 News From Fifth

Hello 5th grade parents and families,

and hello trimester 3! We look forward to meeting with you at parent-teacher conferences next week.

Here is a snapshot of what we’ve been working on in fifth grade:

Social Studies: Students are learning about the Articles of Confederation to the start of the Civil War.

Science: We have begun work on Unit 5: Ecosystems! Students are learning: What is an ecosystem? What makes up a land ecosystem? How do environmental changes affect organisms? How does drought affect plants? We recently completed a project where each student took a deeper look into one type of ecosystem. The brochures they created turned out beautifully!

Grammar/Writing: As our D.A.R.E program comes to a close, students are completing an essay describing what they have learned, how they will put it to use, and how it impacts them both now and in the future. We are using our class time to construct body paragraphs, and learning how to write an effective introduction and conclusion. The essays are due Tuesday, March 7.

Reading: We have finished reading our novel, The Road to Freedom, about Harriet Tubman and her work on the Underground Railroad. Students had meaningful discussions about the impact of illustrations; point of view and how it affects a story; how to determine a theme using text evidence; deciphering vocabulary and more. We will be creating our own patchwork quilt using quilt squares that were used as codes on the Underground Railroad. Following this project, we will begin a unit focusing on nonfiction texts.

Religion: At the start of Lent, students made three promises: a promise of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. We also took a deep look into the specifics of Lent in our We Believe textbooks. We will begin our Growing with God curriculum on Thursday, March 9. The opt in/out sheets should be signed by a guardian and turned in by Wednesday, March 8.

Math: Hello, decimals! Students have been hard at work reviewing place value, comparing decimals, rounding decimals, and adding and subtracting decimals. Next up, we will be multiplying decimals.

Other exciting information: Our D.A.R.E program concludes with a graduation ceremony March 23 from 9-10 AM.

Parent-teacher conferences will be taking place this Thursday, March 9.

There is no school Friday, March 10.

CardinalPalooza shirts can be purchased for $20 through Monday, March 13.


Thank you for all your support at home. It’s a great day to be a Cardinal!

Mrs. Wrodarczyk and Mrs. Witkowski