3 Year-Old Full Day Preschool June 3, 2023

This week..the highlight of our week was releasing our butterflies! Over the Memorial Day weekend, two of our butterflies emerged from their cocoons, and by Wednesday, the final two emerged as well.  The students were so excited to observe the butterflies daily.  When I reminded the students that we had to release the butterflies, some of the students were sad. As we were having the discussion, I asked the students, “Why do they think we should release them?”  One student responded “because they need a place to lay their eggs”, and another student responded, “they need space and air”.  I was so proud of all the children as they made connections to previous lessons.  Some of the students attended the final PBIS assembly, and we presented our 7th grade buddies with thank you cards.

Looking forward to next week..The last day of school for preschool is Wednesday, June 10th.

On Tuesday we will attend Mass and participate in the St. Cletus tradition of “clapping out” the 8th grade students.  On Wednesday we will attend a special assembly and we will participate in Field Day activities.

Please have your child wear a purple t-shirt for Wednesday’s events.

God Bless,

Mrs. Davis