5/5 News From Fifth

Hello 5th grade parents and families,

We are almost to the end! Here is an update of what we’ve been up to:

Social Studies: Students are participating Congressional Convention Simulation.  Each student has a delegate. The simulation will move through the House, and they will have an election.

Science: We’ve been studying Changes to the Earth’s Surface. Students have learned: How Do Weathering and Erosion Shape Earth’s Surface? How Does Water Change Earth’s Surface? How Do Movements of the Crust Change Earth? How Do Plates Move?​

Reading: Students have been practicing various skills in their novel studies, including figurative language, analyzing, predicting, discussing, and more.

Religion: Congratulations to our students on their Religion Assessments! We continue to utilize the Archdiocese standards for 5th Grade Religion in our classes.

Math: We are hard at work dividing decimals! Very soon, we will be moving forward with geometry concepts.

ELA: Students are planning, researching, and creating arguments to complete a persuasive essay.

Other exciting information:

Thank you for all your support at home. It’s a great day to be a Cardinal!

Mrs. Wrodarczyk and Mrs. Witkowski

(Tell your teacher the secret word “mayhem” for a ticket- keep it a secret!)