11/19: News from 5th

It’s crunch time!

The end of the First Trimester is upon us. If you have yet to sign up for a Parent/Teacher Conference, please do so! I would love to talk to you about your Amazing Student! Parent/Teacher Conferences will be Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, from 1pm-8pm. As we look to the 2nd Trimester, there will be some changes with regard to expectations. Starting next week, all late work will have a 1 point deducted per day the work is late. This means if an assignment is turned in 2 days late, 2 points will be deducted from the overall grade. I know every student is able to meet this expectation!

Social Studies: We started on Unit 2 in our textbook. This week we read about the discovery of the Americas, and the different expeditions of Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci.

Science: What does a wedge, a screw, and a lever have in common? They are all Simple Machines. We are starting to talk about the different types of Simple Machines as we are starting to think about what invention we would like to invent for the Invention Convention.  For this project, 3 types of Simple Machines must be included in the invention. If you would like to know more, please ask your student to see the information packet!

Grammar: We have been working on iReady (Math/Reading) and doing a parts of speech review.

Reading: Book Reports were due Tuesday. We spent the week listening to presentations. Student did not need to present their report, as it was optional for extra credit.

Religion: We took our Chapter 10: Jesus is the Bread of Life test today. We will be starting a new chapter on Prayer when we return from Thanksgiving Break.

Every Friday we spend a little time with our Pre-School Buddies. The last few Fridays we have walked with the Pre-School class to deliver donations to the food pantry by the rectory. Both classes have so much fun getting together! We also sit with our Buddies during Tuesday Mass. It’s so great to see how much we all learn from each other!

Reminders: Students NEED water bottles everyday. Also, the weather is getting colder! Students need to have a coat/appropriate attire EVERYDAY. We will go out for fresh air everyday we are able.

Have a Wonderful Weekend! – Mrs. Witkowski