11/29: News from 5th

Advent is here! We are in the Season of WAITING….for Jesus!

Social Studies: We are working our way through the 1500’s and the Spanish Colonization of the Americas.

Science: We finished our mini-unit on Simple Machines, and the students are ready to start brainstorming for the Invention Convention. A parent’s signature is due by Dec. 17th on the Intent to Invent worksheet. This states the invention the student will be making, and that the invention is not a copy of another invention.

Grammar: Helping Verbs were covered this week. We are working toward independently classifying sentences with all parts of speech, and correct grammar.

Reading: We are reading The Sign of the Beaver, and will be done with the novel before Christmas break!

Religion: ADVENT! We just finished Chapter 12, A Prayerful People, and have moved on to the season of Advent. We are discussing the weeks of Advent, and doing several special activities. Today, the students made Advent acrostic poems. They turned out beautifully.

Advent Music Program: We will be having our Advent Program on Tuesday, Dec. 14th at 7pm. This is a formal occasion, which means DRESS Your BEST! Students should be in formal attire. This excludes: jeans, t-shirts, active wear, sneakers, and school uniforms. We are SO excited for our families and friends to see/hear us celebrate the coming of JESUS!

Reminders: PLEASE have students bring water bottles to school everyday! Students need to charge their Chromebooks every night. The weather is getting colder, and we will be going outside unless it is actively raining or snowing. Students should be appropriately dressed for the weather.

Have a Wonderful Weekend! – Mrs. Witkowski