5/16: News from 5th

It’s here! The Final Week of School is upon us!

It’s been a WILD ride, but for the 5th grade class: Elementary School is Done! They are moving on to Junior High! I know they will all do amazing things in the years to come!

To finish up this school year, our last weeks will consist of the following lessons/activities:

Social Studies: This week we discussed the causes that lead to the Civil War. Next week we will take on the years of the Civil War and finish up with Reconstruction.

Science: We finished up our unit on Force and Motion by talking about Newton’s 3 Laws. Next week, we will do a quick mini unit on the planets in our solar system.

Grammar: Everyone has been working very hard on their Short Stories with dialogue. The rough drafts are due by Monday, and we will be working on the Final Copy next week! I hope you have a chance to read your student’s story, as they all look very entertaining!

Reading: Our Literature Circles are coming to an end. As I walked around to listen in on each group talking, it seems as though most enjoyed their chosen book. The Test on their Lit Circle books will be Tuesday, the 24th. We will finish up the week reviewing the material we have learned throughout the year.

Religion: This week we wrapped up our chapter on Blessed Mary, and we started our in-class Saint project. In groups of 2/3 students will research a Saint of their choice. With the research, each group will put together a life-size poster of their Saint. They will then finish the project by writing a summary of their Saint’s life.

Have a Wonderful Weekend! – Mrs. Witkowski