6th Grade News 1.20.24

We have been very busy in 6th grade!  We can’t wait for the weather to get better, but we are doing our best to entertain ourselves while we can’t go outside.  From bracelet making to arm wrestling to Just Dance, we do it all!

We will begin our Winter IReady diagnostic on the 22nd.   It is important for your child to focus and their best.  This diagnostic will determine their individual path for the remainder of the school year.  I have great faith in their ability!

We had our last day of Novel Reading for our first round of Book club.  Students will take a short quiz on their book and turn in their book packet before we change up the groups and move onto a new story.

Science has us learning about different time periods of the earth and how we determine aging of our planet.  We have seen how the earth has changed over time and enjoyed our time identifying fossils in the Science Lab.  We will move onto Rocks and Minerals next.

Social Studies has concluded the unit on Egypt!  We have learned a vast amount of details and many interesting facts that surprised and awed us.   We will move on to the topic of Rome next.

Math is going smoothly!  I am sure you have seen the Math book come home during the week.  Students do have homework almost daily.   Check in with your child to see what they are working on in their books.

Religion continues to focus on all things faith based.   We are working through some Bible passages and enjoyed our learning during Advent.  Lent is just around the corner and students will be learning about that time in our church.

The Auction is coming soon!   One of our very own is chairing this event!  So, let’s all support the efforts of the the auction team and CREATE YOUR FAMILY PAGE!  Let’s get 100% class participation on this.  A flyer with directions did go home.  If you did not receive one, let me know.

Our Girls Scout troop 56050 is collecting donations to put together appreciation bags for some of our 1st Responders.   They are asking 6th grade to bring in things like hand sanitizer, mints, gift cards, individually wrapped treats, pens, travel size notepads, mittens and Chapstick.  Please consider sending in one or more of these items for their donation drive.

Finally, Catholic Schools Week is starting Sunday January 28th!  We will kick off with a 10:30 Mass and Open House.   All school Fair projects will be on display during this time.  Come check out the Consumer Fair boards in the 6th grade!

Monday, January 29th is a Sports Jersey with Uniform bottoms day

Tuesday, January 30th is regular uniform and bring a can of soup day – we will also be eating our classroom with Mrs. Degnan and Mrs. Jacoby (thank you).

Wednesday, January 31st is spirit wear day and Teacher Appreciation Day.

Thursday, February 1st is full dress down and Student Appreciation Day.

Friday, February 2nd is Red and White Day!   Volleyball will being at 8:30am  and the 6th grade will play from 12:45 to 1:15 – come on out to watch us!

St. Cletus sweatshirts are required in school.

Thank you for your support and thank you for sending your child to St. Cletus!  It IS a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal!