6th Grade News

6th Grade is off to a GREAT start!  We have established our routines and are getting along very well.

In Science, we are focusing on our EARTH!   The magnetic poles, magnetic fields, what causes seasons, rotation and revolution.   We are looking into other planets and how they are different from ours.  We will figure how old we are on other planets too!

Social Studies unit will begin on September 12th.  We will alternate Science and Social Studies based on units.

Math, with Mr. Porod, is focusing on integers – identifying them, comparing them, ordering them, and finding their opposites!  Simple Solutions was introduced this week too.

Religion, with Mr. Manetti, is focusing on our faith and sewing seeds!

ELA brings lots of reading and reviewing of sentence structure.  We are reading Journey to the Center of the Earth as a class and City of Ember as a read aloud.   We are intrigued!

Our Vocabulary is growing as we work through 100 Words to Know!  Students are learning quickly, how to expand thier vocabulary!

iReady diagnostic is next week!   Remind your child of the importance of this diagnostic!

Hope to see you all at FALL FEST!   We still need parent volunteers!