Full Day Preschool-April 29, 2022

Looking Back…
*This week we were busy learning all about the last letter of the alphabet-Zz!  We created two kinds of zebras and bees were buzzing all around in our Jolly Phonics song.  It’s hard to believe we just finished the entire alphabet.  It seems like the Jolly phonics ants were just crawling up our arms causing us alarm 🙂 ! We have had many alphabet adventures and now we will spend the next 24 days reviewing all 26 of our letters!  This is sure to be tons of fun.
*We are now learning how to use our pencils and writing our names, numerals and letters at our centers.  We have worked on building our fine motor all year and it is sure paying off with our pencil grip.  We will continue using our pencils for the rest of the year.  Be on the lookout for papers with our beautiful writing practice.
*Earth Day was our theme as we returned from break.  Our week started with our “Earth Day Clean-up” on Monday.  Our Buddies took us on a walk around our school and we cleaned up all the trash.  Those buddies sure do help us out with so many activities we could never do by ourselves.  God gave us a beautiful planet and we discussed our responsibility to take good care of it.
*God gave us birds and we learned lots about them this week.  It was hard to believe there are over 10,000 types of birds.  Finding and identifying our favorite ones in our little bird books was interesting.  We have been busy all year discovering all of the wonderful things God has given us.  Next week it will be all about the light he gives us!

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  All About Our Moms
Literacy:  Alphabet review, consonant sound centers and rhyming words
Math:  Writing numerals 6 and 7, flower counting centers and more ten frame fun
Religion:  Lesson 21-God Gives Us Light

*We are hoping to be outside every day until the end of the year.  Please dress for the changing weather, including shoes.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*Discuss how we can take care of the Earth?  How did we clean the Earth around our school?
*Talk about all of the different birds we learned about?  Who gave us all of these creatures?  Which one is your favorite?  Some birds can’t fly!!!  Do you remember which birds can’t fly?
*We are done with our Letter of the Week focus.  Be sure to look for, and identify, letters all around.  Practice writing them in fun ways!

Sing a Song…