Full Day Preschool-April 8, 2022

Looking Back…
*This week we learned all about Xx and we know that it is usually at the end of most words, not the beginning.  We made capital X’s with bones and we looked at a real x-ray of a foot with a broken toe.  We talked about the different bones in our body and where we find them.
*The Easter Story was the focus of our Religion.  We made special centerpieces and read all about the Holy Week.  Our Easter book was sent home and I hope you will take time to read and review this activity at home.  We will continue next week learning all about this special day.
*Our buddies took us for a walk and also helped us make clouds with rainbow names.  We sure do LOVE our buddies!  Every single time we see them we are jumping for joy!
*AAA,BBB is our new pattern.  This is our most challenging one yet, but we are rising to the occasion at calendar time each day.  Counting, patterning, and weather are just a few of the skills we learn and practice during this important time.
*Easter themed centers were exciting activities that helped us to learn our math and literacy skills.  Our Easter basket  was full of letters.  Who knows what will be in the basket next week.
*Just in case you are wondering if the bunny returned….HE DID.  We are still counting and hopping all over the prints each day.  He is getting closer and closer to the refrigerator so we are pretty certain that is where he is headed!  The mystery will be solved next week.  Stay tuned!

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Easter
Literacy:  Yy, Easter centers and rhyming
Math:  Basket math, egg counting and writing numerals 0-5
Religion:  Lesson 20-God Gave Us Birds

We will go to the book fair next week on Monday, April 11, from 10-10:30 and Tuesday, April 12, from 9-9:30.  If you want your child to purchase books, please send the money either day.  The fair is also open Monday through Thursday after school until 4:00 if you wish to shop with your child.

Thanks to everyone who donated candy for our egg hunt.  We are still in need of a few more bags.  If you haven’t donated and are able to donate, please send it on Monday.  Thank you so much!

Mark Your Calendar:
Thursday, April 14th- All-School Easter Prayer Service 9:30
April 15th-April 24th-Easter Break-Classes resume on Monday, April 25th.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*Discuss the Easter Story.
*What words end with the letter Xx?
*Have your child explain how they created their rainbow name.  What colors did they use?
*Practice writing numerals and sing the Numeral Song while writing them.

 Sing a Song…