Full Day Preschool-February 11, 2022

Looking Back…
*This week we spent lots of time counting hearts, playing in our heart centers and discussing ways to make our hearts and those of others happy.  Our religion lesson this week was all about our hearts, too!  We expressed our appreciation and happiness for God’s love.
*Pajama day was so much fun.  It was comfy cozy learning in our jammies and dancing to the pajama day exercise song.  Of course we ended our day with Llama, Llama, Red Pajama.  The letter “Pp” has certainly been one of our favorite letters to learn.
*We made queens for the letter “Qq” and learned a new quack, quack Jolly Phonics song.  We also learned some new vocabulary…quail and quill.  Now we know that the letter u always shows up after the letter q.  They’re best friends for sure:)
*Twenty-one and a half feet was the length of our Valentine’s Day chain we created with our Buddies.  Lots of teamwork was happening in Room 99 to prepare our room for Valentine’s Day.  We love our Buddies and we will soon be taking weekly walks with them.
*Our friend Miles was a super cool cat with his awesome show and tell.  We love that he brought a photo to go along with his Brookfield Zoo souvenir.  It seems that a lot of Preschool friends have taken their photos on the famous lion.

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Valentine’s Day and Loving Each Other
Literacy:  Qq, more Valentine’s Day centers and name writing activities
Math:  Counting 1-30, number recognition, candy counting and fancy shape fun, numeral writing songs
Religion:  Our holiday unit-Love One Another
Cool Cat of the Week:  Paige

Mark Your Calendar:
Monday, February 14th-Our Valentine’s Party.  Please wear red, white and pink.  Don’t forget your Valentine cards for our 22 friends.
Monday, February 21st-NO SCHOOL-Presidents’ Day

THANKS TO ALL THE FAMILIES FOR THE PLAYDOH DONATIONS AND YOUR VALENTINE’S PARTY CONTRIBUTIONS.  We really appreciate all of these goodies.   If anyone would still like to donate some Playdoh, it’s not too late.  We would LOVE that 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*We have read lots of Valentine’s Day books!  Which is your favorite and why?
*I Am Happy was our last Religion lesson.  What makes you happy?  What makes others happy?
*Keep counting!  Everywhere and everything present opportunities for counting!
*Qq was our letter this week.  Can you find things around your house that begin with that letter?
*Above and below are two new Math vocabulary words.  Practice using these words at home.