Full Day Preschool-February 18, 2022

Looking Back…
*Our week started out with an AWESOME Valentine’s Day Party.  We played games, made crafts and enjoyed a yummy snack.  Lots of fun was had by all.  I would like to thank Mrs. Barba, our class representative, for organizing and helping at our party.  Also, thanks to Mr. Barba for his help that day.  Both did an amazing job!  Last, thanks to all the families for donating supplies for our party, sending cards and treats and gifts.  What a generous group effort by all of the Preschool families:)
*The letter “Rr” was our focus and our Jolly Phonics song was about Rags, the dog, growling RRRRRRR!  A robot was the main character in one of our Valentine’s stories, Robot In Love!  Of course, we made cute rabbits and painted a rhinoceros for our letter activities.  We sure had a RRRRRRRRRealy fun week!
*Writing numerals began this week and we started with the numeral one.  Some of us are writing and some are tracing.
Singing our Numeral Song is helping us to remember the formation.  Counting table friends gets easier each day and comparing the number of friends at each table is helping with all of our math vocabulary.  This week we figured out that when we count 22 friends….we don’t have to take attendance!  It was a real Math AHA moment in Room 99!
*Our Religion focus was all about loving one another…friends and families.  We read and discussed many books about love and kindness.  As we are able to sit longer and with more focus, our story discussions get better by the day.
*Our Buddies helped us make beautiful snowflakes that were so cool.  Even cooler, it started to snow while we were making them!!!!!
*Our Cool Cat of the Week, Paige, shared a book that EVERYBODY loved.  It was call Polar Bear’s Underwear.  We used our imagination on every page to figure out which animal might be wearing Polar Bear’s Underwear.  Thanks, Paige, for sharing your awesome poster and such a FUN book.

Looking Ahead:
Theme:  Bears
Literacy:  Ss, Bear letter centers and name writing
Math: Writing numerals 0, 1, and 2, Teddy Bear Counting
Religion:  Lesson 14-God Gives Us Families
Cool Cat of the Week:  Theodore

Mark Your Calendar…
Monday, February 21st-NO SCHOOL-Presidents’ Day

Thanks for all of the Playdoh donations!  They are much appreciated.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*Each day we begin with a story.  Ask your child to retell a story.  This week we read the story, Robot in Love.  The ending was so funny.   What happened at the end of the story?
*Talk about the different ways we can show love and kindness to friends and families.
*Sing the song about Numeral One.
*Numbers are EVERYWHERE.  When you see them, ask your child to name them.

Sing a Song…