Full Day Preschool January 21, 2022

Looking Back…
*Learning letter “Oo” was lots of fun.  We made a cool octopus and counted the 8 arms.  We enjoyed our heart cheerios for counting and shape bingo.  We even learned some of the “fancy” shapes like ovals and octagons!
*Our Cool Cat of the Week, Mateo, was super excited about all of his special things he shared.  We are working hard to listen, with our whole bodies, to our speaker.  We have grown so much and are doing a great job:)
*We read a lot of winter and snow books.   Snowmen at Night was our favorite.  We are learning about the differences between books that are real(informational text) and make-believe.  We decided this series of books was make-believe, but it sure would be cool if it was real.
*Our smell was the sense we focused on this week.  We will finish up next week with the sense of taste.  That will be our favorite for sure.  God gave us five wonderful senses and we are using them all every day in Preschool.
*Counting our classmates has become a morning favorite.  We are now counting and comparing how many friends are at each table.  We are using our math vocabulary-more than, less than and equal to compare the number of boys and girls.
*Kindness is our goal for 2022!  Each day we talk about acts of kindness in school.  It has made a big difference in our classroom behavior.  Like we say in Room 99….It’s cool to be kind!

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Penguins
Literacy:  Letter review-Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo
Math:  Numbers 6-10, patterning, penguin counting centers and of course, more counting
Religion:  Lesson 12 -I Can Taste
Cool Cat of the Week:  Michael

Mark Your Calendars…
Tuesday, Jan. 25th-Penguin Day-dress in black and white
Sunday, Jan. 30th-Catholic Schools Week Kick Off.  Mass at 10:30 followed by Open House in our school from 11:30-2:00
Friday, February 11th-NO SCHOOL-Staff Development Day
Monday, February 21st-NO SCHOOL-Presidents’ Day

MISSING SCARF/HAT-Please check if your child brought home a striped scarf/hat that doesn’t belong to them.  Thanks!
Supplemental Supplies were due upon our return from Christmas break if you last name begins with N-Z.  If you haven’t sent them in, please do so as soon as possible.  We are working hard to keep our classroom clean and germ-free.  Thanks to all who have sent them.
Also, please send in one box of LARGE crayons for the second half of the year:)

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*Counting, counting, counting!  We are counting all day long.  Please count at home to reinforce this skill.  Try counting in the car while driving to school.  We begin our day counting our classmates and all the friends at our table.  We are using math vocabulary during this time…more than, less than and equal.
*Talk about acts of kindness and what that could look like at home.
*Shapes are all around.  What shapes can you find in and outside of your home?
*God gave us our sense of smell.  Discuss the smells you like and those that you don’t like.