Full Day Preschool-March 18, 2022

Looking Back..
.*What beautiful weather we had this week.   We spent a lot of time outdoors-playing, walking, running and creating chalk drawings.  Our 6th Grade Buddies took us for a walk on Monday!  Spring is in the air and we are so excited:)
*Jolly Phonics introduced a new song about Uncle Bud and his umbrellas that go up, up, up.  Umbrellas were our craft for this letter. Dot painting umbrella birds was cool and we even learned about real umbrella birds.   However, our favorite thing about letter “Uu” was all of our silly underwear books.   What a hit!
*Dressing up was lots of fun.  Wednesday we wore yellow and blue and collected donations for Ukraine.  Thank you for all the donations.
*Thursday, we wore green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Also, we had a special visitor that played Irish Music with his bagpipes, a leprechaun brought us chocolate coins and our Buddies came to help us with a special “Lucky Shamrock” project.  What a special day it was in Preschool!
*We thanked God for fish this week and made fish bowls.  We have been very busy this month thanking God for all of the wonderful gifts he has given us.
*Our Cool Cat of the Week, Joey, shared an awesome poster that included a family picture.  Pete the Cat was very surprised to see Joey’s dog, Pete the Dog.  He is just as cute as Pete the Cat!

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Spring is Here
Literacy:  Vv, Spring centers, rhyming words and Spring name writing
Math:  Spring sorting, writing numerals 0-3, counting to 30
Religion:  Lesson 18-God Gives Us Water
Cool Cat of the Week:  Louis

Mark Your Calendar…
Friday, March 25th-NO SCHOOL Staff Development Day

*We still have many items in the Lost and Found-several hats, boys’ jackets and a pair of black Nike gloves.
*Sidewalk chalk would be greatly appreciated by all of the Preschool artists:)  Learning to write letters, words and numbers is so much more fun with chalk.   Thanks for all of the donations that have been given throughout the year.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*Discuss all of the silly books we read this week.  Were they real or make-believe?  Which one was your favorite?
*How did we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
*We are so busy practicing writing our numerals.   Ask your child if they remember each numeral song and if they can write any of them we’ve learned so far.  Some of us are tracing them and some are writing them on their own.

Sing a Song…