Full Day Preschool-May 20, 2022

Looking Back…
This week was all about ocean animals.  We took a few virtual field trips to different aquariums.  We read lots of books about sea creatures that begin with all the letters of the alphabet.  The x-ray fish was our favorite!  Our Friday drawing was, of course, our favorite ocean animals.  Counting fish and comparing them was a big part of our math centers.  Ocean creature bingo was the best part of this week!  We used fish for our markers and got to eat them all up when we were done!
*Alphabet dot painting, upper and lower case, really showed how much our fine motor skills have improved.  We have been dot painting all year and it is so incredible to see the growth.  Creating our own ABC Bingo cards, using stickers, was another fine motor experience.  The best part…we are going to use them to play in our literacy centers for the rest of the year!
*This past week gave us the opportunity to review many of the skills we learned this year in Preschool.  Review will continue for the next two weeks.  It sure has been a busy year!  We have really been “kissing our brains” a lot this week.
*Another birthday was celebrated this week.  Thanks, Henry, for the yummy cupcakes you shared with us!

Looking Ahead…
Literacy-Alphabet review, rhyming words and beginning sounds
Math-Numeral writing 0-10, number recognition and counting review
Religion-Lesson 24-God Gave Us Sand

We have many items in our Lost and Found.  Are you missing anything???

Mark Your Calendar:

Thursday, May 26th-6th Grade Buddies Lunch Picnic-Bring a small blanket or beach towel and a small treat (food)to share with your buddy.
Monday, May 30th-NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day
Thursday, June 2nd- Last day of school-donuts and bubbles in the courtyard.  There will be a regular 3:00 dismissal.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*We learned so much about ocean animals this week.  Name those we learned.  Which was your favorite?
* Something cool happened on our school campus this week.  What was it?  What did you see all around the school?
*Count and compare…greater than, less than, and equal.
*We learned all about another gift from God-trees!  Talk about how trees change through the season.  Do you have a favorite tree?
*LAST…What did one ocean say to the other ocean?  Nothing, they just waved:)