Full Day Preschool-May 27, 2022

Looking Back…
* I would like to begin with a great big THANK YOU to Mrs. Barba for being our room representative.  What an amazing job she did!  I am so grateful for all she has done for our Preschool class!
*I would also like to send another great big THANK YOU to all parents.  Thanks so much for all of your donations, gifts, support and kind words.  It is BEYOND appreciated!
*This week was all about dinosaurs!  We read a lot of books about dinosaurs and compared fiction and informational text, counted dinosaurs in our Math centers and drew our version of the book, How Do Dinosaurs Go To School ? Herbivore and carnivore were our new science vocabulary words.   EVERYBODY loves dinosaurs-especially in Preschool!  Be sure to check out the song I linked below.  This was probably our favorite song all year!
*Alphabet review was happening all around!  Painting letters, magnetic letter matching and Alphabet Bingo helped us to review all that we learned this year.  Our favorite was definitely Alphabet Bingo!  Why?  Chocolate Cheerios were used as our markers:)
*We said good-bye to our 6th Grade Buddies at our end-of-the-year picnic!  We ate and played and ate some more!  Thanks for all the treats sent that day.  Our Buddies will always have a special place in our hearts.  Seeing them was always the highlight of our week!

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Summer Fun
Literacy:  Alphabet Review
Math: The year in review
Religion:  Concluding Lesson-I am Growing

Reminders/Mark Your Calendar:
Monday, May 30th-NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day
Thursday, June 2nd-OUR LAST DAY  “Donuts and Bubbles” celebration.  We will dismiss at our regular 3:00 time.
If you would like to donate to our celebration, please be sure to check out the Sign Up Genius our Room Representative, Mrs. Barba,  sent out last Sunday.  Thanks to all who have already signed up 🙂

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*What is your favorite letter?  Why?  What begins with your favorite letter?
*What is your favorite number?  Why?
*Make patterns and talk about how they repeat.
*What was your favorite special this year?
*What was your favorite day in school?
*Talk about all the dinosaurs we learned about.   Why don’t we see them around anymore?

Sing a Song…