Full Day Preschool-November 14th, 2021

Looking Back…
*Dental Health was our theme this week and we attended an awesome presentation.  We learned all about brushing and flossing and the foods that are good for our teeth!
*We participated in our first Lockdown Drill and did a great job practicing being quiet in our safe spot.
*Iguanas were our letter project and our Jolly Phonics song told us the story of Inky, the mouse, who got spilled the ink:). Each week we  also review our previously learned letters/sounds.
*We learned all about the color brown and took a Fall walk to find lots of things that are brown, especially fall leaves.  It is fun to see all the color of the week clothing that the preschool kids proudly wear on our special days.
*This week, for the first time, we visited our 6th Grade Buddies in the Junior High wing of the school.  We made cornucopias and talked about what we were grateful for this season.  It was exciting to see their classroom!
*Fiona, our Cool Cat of the Week, did a great job.  It is so much fun to learn all about all the Cool Cats in our class.

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Thanksgiving
Color:  Pink
Literacy:  Letter “Jj” and jellyfish art, name recognition puzzles and beginning sound centers
Math:  Number recognition 0-10, AB pattern, building with shapes and counting 0-30
Religion:  Thanksgiving Lesson and Thankful Heart Art
Cool Cat of the Week:  Gemma

Monday, November 15th-Please bring food donations for the food pantry sometime this week.  We will be walking to the Rectory to deliver them with our 6th Grade Buddies on Thursday.  Thank you for your generosity.
Thursday, November 18th-Pink Day-If you would like, please wear pink to celebrate our color of the week.  Lots of the boys have already told us they don’t like pink:). The girls, on the other hand, are EXCITED!
Friday, November 19th-Today we begin our second trimester in school!  Time is flying by in Preschool:)

If you haven’t done so, please send a photo or drawing of one of your thankful things for this week’s Religion activity.
Parent-Teacher Conferences take place on Tuesday, November 23rd.  Please be sure that you have signed up for your conference.  If this day doesn’t work for you, please contact me to arrange a conference on an alternate day.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…
*What is our calendar number pattern this month?
*Discuss our Lockdown Drill.
*How do we take care of our teeth?
*Talk about our trip to our Buddies’ classroom.
*We saw some new decorations on one of our morning walks and WERE WE EXCITED!  What did we see?

Sing a Song…