Half Day Prek News

I love to take pictures of these half day kids!  There is so much imagination that is coming into play these days!   Thank you to Madelyn Casey’s mom for providing with the white Jewel smocks!   We LOVE them!

As Easter is quickly approaching, we are doing many crafts to go along with Easter.  We are praying in our prayer circle and at our Lenten Alter to pray for those we love, those who are sick, and those who have gone to heaven.   We continue to work hard on listening to each other and taking turns talking.

We would like to do an Easter Egg Hunt during Holy Week.  We would love donations of individually wrapped candies to go in the eggs for the hunt.  Please consider sending in a bag to help.

We have been using different manipulatives to practice our sorting, patterning and counting skills.  We continue to work on basic sight words and will add a few next week:  big    can   we    and continue our work with I,  the ,  me, and , run.

We will be working with more rhyming words and “reading” basic sentences.

Weather has been fun this week and we will work toward planting in the coming weeks.  The rain should help with this ( but really we will use spray bottles)  We are loving to get out and get exercise too!  Let’s hope for lots more sunny days!


It’s A GREAT Day to be a Cardinal!  (Especially in Half Day prek!)