Half Day Preschool-April 28, 2023

Looking Back…
*This week was all about the planets and space!  We learned many things about our solar system.  Many of our read-alouds were about the universe.  Our theme fit perfectly with our Religion lesson-God Gives Us Light.  The Storybots helped us to learn lots of cool facts this week, too.  It was hard to choose our favorite planet but our favorite star was definitely the sun.  We made sparkly, shiny yellow suns using our very own handprints.  Lots of learning happened this short week 🙂
*The letter “Xx” was featured this week and our craftivity was an “x-ray X” with three bones.  Observing a real x-ray was exciting for us.  We were able to find the broken toe!   Jolly Phonics helped us learn the sound “Xx” makes with a silly song about a boy who broke his arm.
*Spring was definitely in the air as we ended the month of April.  All of us planted flower seeds and watered them throughout the week.  We are hoping they will sprout just in time for our study of living things.  Fingers crossed!
*We LOVE birthdays and this week we celebrated two birthdays-Teddy and Bobby!  Thank you so much for the yummy munchkins and cookies!  Also, thank you to Mr. Porod and Mrs. Schaefer, for the ice cream treats to celebrate St. Cletus Day!
It sure was a very “SWEET” week in Preschool!

                                                                           Here Comes the Sun!


Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Community Workers
Literacy: Letter Yy, rhyming activities, beginning consonant sounds
Math:  Writing numerals 0-10, counting to 50, comparing sets of objects
Religion:  Lesson 22-God Gives Us Flowers

Moms, please send your handprints back by Friday, May 5th.  We are working on some special surprises!  You can send them back before that date if you finish early.

Mark Your Calendar…
Saturday, April 29-Cardinal Palooza Spring Auction
Tuesday,  May 2-8:00 Mass
Friday, May 5-Mother’s Day Handprints Due

Sing A Song..