Half Day Preschool-January 20, 2023


Looking Back…
*Our week was all about SNOW and winter, too.  Read alouds helped us learn all about the season and snow.  We have been learning all about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.  The only disappointing part of our week…NO REAL SNOW!  At least our name snowmen are hanging out in our room with us and we are hopeful that the weekend will bring us some real snow.
*This week’s letter was “Nn” and we made some very silly noses, and like always, we listened to our Jolly Phonics songs. Pretending to be airplanes, and making lots of engine NOISE, was fun.
*This week we counted to 40, practiced writing our numerals with a new song, and continued our AABB pattern during our calendar time.  This is one of our favorite times of the day where  many literacy and math skills are practiced.  In addition to our calendar time, we have also added our morning meeting.  Many of the kids told us that that their Moms and Dads have meetings, too, and they are important!  We focused on beginning sounds and ordering numbers during our meetings this week.  The Preschool Kiddos were feeling very important 🙂
*Our math centers kept us busy this week counting buttons for our snowmen.   Matching the numeral on the hat to the number of buttons really helped us practice our one to one correspondence.  During the second half of the year we will review our numbers 0-10 and begin the tricky teens.
*This week’s religion lesson focused on our sense of smell.  Our rug discussion was all about the things we like to smell and those we don’t.  We thanked God for another wonderful sense he gave us.

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Lunar New Year/Preparing for Catholic School’s Week
Literacy:  Oo,  beginning sounds, snowflake letter matching
Math:  Counting fortune cookies, Cheerio ten frames, writing numerals
Religion:  Lesson 12-I Can Taste

Please wear red on Friday for our Lunar New Year’s Parade.

Mark Your Calendar…
Tuesday, January 24-8:00 Mass
Friday, January 27-Lunar New Year Celebration and Parade.  If possible, wear red today.
Sunday, January 29-Catholic School’s Week Opening Mass at 10:30, followed by Open House in our school until 2:30.  Please stop by and visit our classroom and check out all of our work.  We are SO PROUD!