Half Day Preschool-March 31, 2023

Looking Back…
*Our last week of March was a busy one!  This month, with our ABBB calendar pattern, has flown by way too quickly.  We spent a great deal of time learning about our new season, both in and out of the classroom.  A lot of excitement happened as we searched for signs of new life all around our school campus!  When we return next week, April awaits us with Easter and two Preschool birthdays.
*Bunny handprint paintings began this week.  As I begin to assemble our end of the year Memory Books, I am amazed at how each child has grown physically, academically and socially.  I love our little Preschool Family and I am so grateful for all the kiddos and their families!
*Vic’s vegetable van has been driven around the alphabet rug all week long.  We discussed vegetables we liked and disliked.  Surprisingly, most of us LOVE many types of vegetables!  Our Vv craftivity, vases, will be hanging out in our classroom to welcome the new month.  Dry erase boards were used most days of this week, as we continue to practice letter formation.
*Bunny, carrot and egg counters filled our ten frames and were also used for creating patterns and letters, too.  We also practiced writing numerals 0-10.  After break, we will begin learning about the tricky teens.  Since we see these numbers at calendar time each day, we have become familiar with them.
*We ended our week with our prayer intentions and delivered them to the Lenten Altar.  We discussed the meaning of prayer and each child told us what they prayed for this week.  I was so proud of their drawings.
*Congratulations to our PBIS Winner of the Week-Teddy!  We applaud Teddy for always being a kind friend to his classmates.

Looking Ahead…
Theme:  Easter
Literacy:  Letter Review, Beginning sounds, rhyming words and letter formation practice
Math:  Bunny marshmallow counting, bunny shapes and numeral formation
Religion:  God Gave Us Easter

*Please continue to dress for the weather as we try to go out every day for Spring recess.
*If possible, please bring a bag of candy, by 4/3, for our class Easter Egg Hunt.  FSA is sponsoring an egg hunt on Saturday, April 1.  This candy donation is for our classroom egg hunt on Wednesday, April 5.  Thank you 🙂

Our school book fair will take place next week, from April 3-6.  Our class will be shopping as a group on Monday and Tuesday.  Also, parents may shop with their child at 11:00 pick-up.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Your Calendar…
Monday, April 3-Please bring your candy for our egg hunt:)
Tuesday, April 4-8:00 Mass
Wednesday, April 5-Preschool Class Easter Egg Hunt-Tues./Thurs. kids are welcome to join us today!
Thursday, April 6-9:30 Church-Washing of the Feet Service
Friday, April  7-Spring Break Begins
Monday, April 17-Classes Resume
Saturday, April 29-Spring Auction-CARDINAL PALOOZA
Wednesday, June 7-Last day of school for our half day class.  We will have a visit from Staley the Bear that morning!

Sing A Song…
Be sure to check out our favorite new counting song!