JK Newsletter April 25, 2024

Celebrating Earth Week was so much fun! Your kids learned many things, and hope they shared them with you all at home! 
Some things to ask them:
Where can you recycle batteries and light bulbs?
What critters are in a compost bin?
Why do we want to pick up litter?
Our school Auction is this weekend and Maria and I are hoping to see you there! 
Here are a few of the items from our class that you can bid on:
#295 – Art from the JK Class
#249 – Your child and 2 friends can stay after school for a canvas painting session and snack with Mrs. Hogan!
Date to be date will be determined with the winner for a date in May!


We also have the playground blessing this weekend after the 10:30 mass on Sunday:-)
Have a great weekend!
The JK Team