JK Newsletter October 20, 2023

Another week of  fun in JK! We hope your are starting to see some independence in your child at home since the start of the school year! Have you noticed your child helping around the house more? Maybe emptying their own backpack/lunchbox or show you their school work? We have rules in JK they need to try 3x before asking for help. WOW, they are so proud when they get it themselves! Now that coat season is here…zipping coats is our new game! Please practice with your children and give them so fun and easy jobs to build their confidence. 

Talking points for your children:

  • Are you a “Helper kind and Good” in the classroom?
  • Can you sing “5 little Pumpkins”?
  • What is your favorite free choice activity?

Religion: Being a helper and showing love to others has been our focus this week.  Next week we will be talking about  community helpers and how they show their love to us! 

Literacy: Our jolly phonics this week will be /d/ and /g/. Phonemic awareness is something we do everyday together. It helps us hear the sounds of letters in words. Ask your child to tell you the sound  they hear at the beginning of the word “book”.

Math: We will continue to work on counting, patterns and number order with Halloween themes.

Science: Pumpkins!  We will look at sizes, shapes, weight, seeds and all things gooey.

Have a great weekend,

The JK Team