01/27 Update


I hope everyone is ready for our upcoming Catholic Schools Week events beginning with Mass and Open House on Sunday!

In Language Arts, Eighth Grade and Seventh Grade have been finishing up the unit on pronouns while Sixth Grade has been working on expository writing.  In Social Studies, Eighth Grade is nearing the end of the Civil War unit, and Seventh and Eighth Grade are still covering the Civil Rights Movement.

Nearly all of our Seventh Graders have turned in their History Fair Projects.  Overall, I’m pleased with the quality of the work.  Some parent involvement is helpful in completing that project, and thank you to those of you spent time working on it with your children.  Even when a parent is too helpful with a project like this, it still sends a positive message to your child in letting them now how important their academic work is.

With my daughter being in kindergarten this year, I have a new found appreciation for parents checking their children’s bags and folders for important information.  Forgetting to do so is understandable, but not caring to check is not a valid reason.  There seems to be far too much information not finding its way home.  Please encourage your children to give the information to you before you need to ask or check.

I keep repeating this, but it is necessary.  Please remind your children that the best place to learn in school is in the classroom.  An excessive amount of time is being spent in the restroom by many students.  I’ve been keeping track on a sign out sheet, and some students are going as many as four times  per day.  It’s not in my best interest to deny them the privilege, but I would appreciate if students would display greater respect in the trust that is being given to them in relation to this matter.

Thank you for your continued support of Catholic education by sending your children to St. Cletus School.  We are all blessed with this opportunity.


“Be who you are and be that well.”

 – Saint Francis de Sales