05/17 Update

Been so busy, haven’t had time to send an update recently.  That’s what happens in May.

In Eighth Grade Religion, the most recent lessons that we have covered focus on the Sacraments of Vocations.  I’d just like to see the students graduate from Eighth Grade before we start talking about them getting married or entering religious life.  Regardless, there were some really thought provoking ideas that appeared throughout the lessons, and I hope they learned to be open to whatever God calls them to do.  One of the questions in the accompanying assignment asked, “What qualities would you value in a future spouse?”  Their responses were highly amusing for both the right reasons, and the misguided ones.

In LA & LIT, Eighth Graders are in the process of writing their graduation speeches.  We watched a variety of celebrity commencement speeches – some serious, some humorous, but all meaningful.  The goal is to combine what they viewed along with their own experiences and thoughts.  Two will be chosen to be read at the graduation mass.  Every year it seems, someone emerges out of nowhere and has theirs chosen to be read.  So it can really be anyone.

In Social Studies, we have been covering the Holocaust and World War II.  We watched a documentary called Nazi Town USA, and we are currently watching the film Dunkirk.  We will move on to American involvement, the Pacific Theater, and emphasize D-Day which is approaching its 8th Anniversary.

Seventh Grade completed Unit 14 which focuses on clauses, and they are completing a Google Slide Presentation on the Trail of Tears.

Have great weekend.  Only two Mondays left!

“Work hard.  Be kind.  And amazing things will happen.” – Conan O’Brien