November 2021

November & Thanksgiving Greetings to All,

On Saturday November 6th, I had the opportunity to join the 8th Graders for the combined Day of the Spirit and Holy Fire Retreat as part of the students’ Confirmation preparation.  A big thanks to Mrs. Campbell and Fr. Ken Baker for their efforts in making this a meaningful day for the students.

In conjunction with Veterans’ Day that was observed on November 11th, our units in Literature class have been themed to honoring veterans and exploring the hardships of war.  The 8th grade had covered a collection of Vietnam War related readings that touched on topics like experiences of POWs, the draft and racial and economic circumstances of service, PTSD, and the struggles of returning home.  If any students have grandfathers, uncles, or neighbors who may have served in the Vietnam War, I encourage them to share what they learned with the veterans and to offer them peace and gratitude.

In 7th Grade, we are reading the novel War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  This novel is the culmination of a series of shorts stories that we read about the bond that exists between people and their animals.  In addition to that, students are learning about the complex causes and effects of “The War to End All Wars”.

As has been previously communicated, remember that all late and missing work for all classes in Trimester 1 must be submitted by Monday November 15th.  The PowerSchool portal will close that day so that grades may be finalized in time for the report card due date.

There are still a few available spots open for our virtual parent teacher conferences.  I apologize in advance for my loud 4 year old and dog!

As the weather becomes more winter-like, please be sure that your child is coming to school with a jacket.  We intend on going out for recess as long as the weather is not hazardous.  They should not be attempting to borrow winter gear from each other while we our outside, nor should they be outside without layers of clothing to keep them warm.  Also, please make sure that your child is wearing the proper school mandated shoes.  Too many have been seen wearing athletic shoes on non-gym days.

Lastly, I would like to thank those of you parents who have kept your children home  when they have not been feeling well.  I know first-hand how inconvenient that can be parents, but it is greatly appreciated.  Keeping each other safe should continue to be our top priority.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!