September 2 Newsletter


I hope that you and your children are adjusting well to to new school year.   So far, there has been a great deal of promise shown by students at all three middle school grade levels.

All three levels have been covering subjects, predicates, and sentences in Unit 8 of our Writer’s Choice textbooks as part of Language Arts class.  Students should be completing the exercises from the textbooks in their notebooks and be prepared to review and correct the work together in class.  They will then be allowed to use that as a resource on the test at the end of the unit.  Seventh and eighth grade students have also completed compare and contrast essays.

In Social Studies, seventh and eighth grade students have been working on finding primary and secondary sources.  Sixth grade has been working on maps.  All levels have spent time commemorating historic events as part of a This Day in History segment of class.  Maybe your children have asked what you remember about Hurricane Katrina or the global attention caused by the death of Princess Diana.  For us adults, it’s hard to believe that those events are now part of history instruction!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and Happy Labor Day to all!


Saint Thomas Aquinas –

“Without work, it is impossible to have fun.”