News from 5th 1/29

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

We are celebrating our school this week, and having lots of FUN! Thursday we will get together with our Pre-School Buddies for a special activity. Friday we will participate in the Red and White Games! Continue to read to see what we are doing in class:

Language Arts: We continue to learn about parts of speech, and will be going over prepositions in the coming week. We will also be working on persuasive writing.

Science: Our Invention Convention 2024 was great! All the inventions were very well thought out, and I think I need to invest in a few of them. We are now going back to our workbook and learning about the different Kingdoms and how organisms are classified.

Reading: We are finishing up our Poetry unit with writing a Sonnet. The poetry test will be Thursday, 2/8, and the figurative language test will be Friday, 2/9. We will then start our Informational Text and learn about the different types of informational text features.

Math: Our next chapter we will be Adding and Subtracting Fractions. We will be adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators, as well as mixed numbers.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the road to the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, and will be learning about the Newly formed United States of America.

Religion: We are learning about the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teaching. We are leaning about each of these themes and discussing how we can help others and society using these ideals.

Important Dates: 2/8 – Poetry Test, 2/9 – Figurative Language Test, 2/14 – Valentines Day Party & Ash Wednesday, 2/20 – Book Report Due

Have a wonderful week! – Mrs. Witkowski