News from Fifth 10/2

Fall has come and we are ready for sweater weather! 5th grade has been busy!

Language Arts: We have been discussing possessive nouns and pronouns, and knowing when to use subject and object nouns. We have been doing some free writing on various topics, including how they would survive if zombies took over!

Science: The students took their Unit 1 test last week. We are moving on to Unit 3 – Plant and Animal Cells. During this unit, students will reproduce a plant or animal cell using different craft items. More to come about this project soon!

Reading: Students are reading short stories and working on specific skills. Examples of skills we worked on this week include: Compare and Contrast Characters, and Drawing Inferences to Describe a Story. We also took our first trip this year as a class to the Library. We will be going on Mondays during .

Math: We are finishing up Chapter 1 and we will be taking our Test on Thursday the 12th.

Social Studies: The students have started their in depth study on the Original 13 Colonies.

Religion: We have started discussing the Ministry and Miracles of Jesus.

Have a Wonderful 3-Day Weekend! – Mrs. Witkowski