News from Fifth 12/4

How can it be December already?! It feels like it was just Halloween, and now Christmas is just two weeks away! 5th grade has been a whirlwind of activities and learning.

Language Arts: We are reviewing complete subject/predicate vs. simple subject/verb. We continue to learn different suffixes, prefixes, and roots and their meanings. We also have been talking about different proverbs and adages.

Science: Students have finished up the organ systems unit, and we have moved on to the engineering process and the different types of simple machines. The students have been given their packet for the Invention Convention and their Intent to Invent (the idea of what invention they will make) will be due before Christmas break.

Reading: The class is reading ‘The Sign of the Beaver’ which is a historical fiction novel taking place in 1769. It’s about a young boy who lives on a plot of land waiting for his father to return with the rest of their family. While waiting, he befriends a Native American boy. They both learn many lessons through their friendship. After this novel, we will be starting a unit on poetry. Students were given the 2nd Trimester Book Report assignment. The book must be a Newbery Award winning book, and a book they have never read before.

Math: We are half-way through Chapter 7 – Multiplying Fractions. The Test over Chapter 7 will be Tuesday Dec. 19th. The next chapter will be Chapter 8 – Dividing Fractions.

Social Studies: Next week the class will start a new unit on The Revolutionary War.

Religion: We have been talking about Prayer and we are making our own Prayer Books. We have also been discussing Advent and how we can await the Birth of Jesus.

Important Dates: 12/18 – Intent to Invent sheet Due, 12/14 – Christmas Program @7pm in the Church, 12/19 – Chapter 7 Math Test, 12/22 – Book Report Choice is Due

Have a wonderful weekend! – Mrs. Witkowski