News from Fifth 8/25

Another year has begun, and it has been a HOT one!

The last few days we have been getting to know each other, reviewing rules and expectations, and putting together systems that will help us in our learning process this year. Starting next week, we will be diving in each subject and homework will be assigned.

In the next weeks we will:

Spelling – Starting in the spelling connections book, we will start with Lesson 1 words. Assignments will be given Monday and Wednesday, and the test will be on Friday.

Language Arts – We will review the parts of speech, and how they work together in a sentence.

Science – We will start learning about how scientists work and how they go about learning information about our world.

Reading – Our first novel will be “Night of the Spadefoot Toads.” We will be reading/listening to the book during class, and assignments will be given every chapter. Also, we are learning about the types of conflict and reviewing major parts of a text.

Math – We will be starting Chapter 1 in our Go Math series. We will be reviewing place value, multiplication, and expressions. At the end of each week, 2 Simple Solutions lessons are due. Next week Lessons 1 & 2 will be due Friday 9/1.

Social Studies – The students are reviewing the 5 themes of Geography, and will be working in groups on a Country Research Project. They will pick a country of their choice and learn about it in relation to the 5 themes.

Religion – We will be looking into Genesis (the first book of the Old Testament), and talking about Noah and Abraham’s Covenant with God. We will be taking a deeper look into how the Bible is arranged, and how the Bible came into existence.

I am SO very excited for this new school year! I hope you and your student are as well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your student succeed this year. I am available every day from 7:30am-4:00pm.

Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Mrs. Witkowski